Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Our friends the Zufelts took us to the zoo on their passes. It is always so hard to pick which pictures I am going to include because I always take a bunch. So here are the highlights.

We went to the butterfly exhibit. I got one of the butterflies to crawl onto my finger so the kids kept trying to get the butterflies to crawl on them too. (this exhibit and the monkeys are my favorites).

We went to a show about animals with different skin. Fur was a rat, scales was a lizard and feathers was this small toucan. The kids got to pet the rat and lizard and thought that it was pretty cool. That is Zoe Zufelt in the picture with them. Zoe Zufelt at the Zoo. I love that.

And of course one of the coolest (literally) places at the zoo is the kids fun center. Holly loves there kitchen area where she can pretend to cut food. All the food is wooden and it is in sections that are held together with Velcro.

Josh and Holly playing in the veterinarians area. Look how cute they are in their pretend scrubs.

At the end we always stop off at the frogs lily pad pond to take a dip. Well the kids get wet at any rate. Again this was one of those upper 90's days. We left soon after this.

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