Saturday, February 27, 2010

I LOVE ORGANIZATION, yes I am a little crazed!

There is something very satisfiying about having my shelves organized. The first picture is our cereal and bread section. With the shelf in there it is not just a pile of stuff that I am trying to find the bagel in, in the morning. The second picture is behind the cereal. The last picture is my kid snack and pasta shelf. Before I got the shelf I had to move everything around to get certain noodles, now it's just there. Oh, how I wish my labeler wasn't out of labels. Soon all these containers will be labeled too, so if some random person breaks in my house because they need penne pasta they will be able to find easily and get the heck out of my house. I LOVE ORGANIZATION!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Holly is into everything!

Sunday Holly picked up daddy's razor and cut her finger (Don't worry they're still attached). Then the other day Holly picked up mommy's eye drops and decided to write on the tv with them. UgHHH!! Later that day she picks up a push pin and goes to put it in her mouth! I mean doesn't everyone put those in their mouths to eat. Now this behavior is more the thing I worry about with a 18 month to about 2 1/2 year old not a 3 1/2 year old. She is a smart girl and knows better.

I made that

Last night I went to a baby shower and I made a cake out of baby diapers. I totally stole the idea off line, and just dolled it up a bit. The online one was a white three tier cake. I wanted mine to be colorful and look like one of those fun cakes from Ace of Cakes. I covered my rolled up diapers with tissue and then used scrapbook supplies for around the cakes for the top and bottom tier. The middle tier has a hair band for the baby and the thing on the very top tier is a rattle/teether. I don't think the picture does it justice. I got it to be all leaning to one side and then the other, by covering one rolled up diaper with the tissue from the cake it sits on. It was a big hit and that made it fun, since the only other gift I gave was the wipes to go with it.

Maybe I should try to make real cakes like this. Hmmmm....

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Today I weight in and made my goal! Yeah Yeah Yeah. I have lost 41 pounds! I can't believe it. In 5 months I have lost 41 pounds. If you figure that out it averages 2 pounds a week. Anyone can do 2 pounds a week, well if I can, anyone can. I am not sure what my new goal is, but I am loving this. Thank you to all who have and are supporting me.

Holly being a pirate

So, as we were driving to Holly's school today she asked if we could talk like pirates. I was like sure, why not. I put on my best scruffy pirate voice and said, "A vast me hearties, what are ye?" and to my surprise she made the same type voice and said, "A pirate!"

This continued on through out the day. She doesn't quite get all the right ways of saying everything. Like "swallow it yuck" is: swab the deck. Or "Vast me hairys" is: avast me hartys. But she does and excellent hook and closes one eye for effect. When I asked her if she had a peg leg she said, "No, I have two boots!", but she does have a bird that is green and it's name is Zoe!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Can't throw them away

See these painted little animals? When I was pregnant with Josh I worked at a Great Harvest Bakery and there was this song that came on our ever repeating music selection about Noah's
Ark. In the chorus it said "There were green alligators, and long-necked geese. Some humpty-backed camels and some chimpanzees, a rat, a cat, an elephant and sure as your born don't you forget that unicorn." I decide to do our nursery in Noah's Ark theme. We lived in an apartment, so we couldn't paint. Instead we bought some 1/4 inch play wood and cut it into 4 inch wide strips. A friend painted them blue and we stenciled the chorus of the song up to the elephant on it. Then we hung it around the room about a foot and a half down from the top so it looked like a cute boarder going around the room. Well, I found these wood cut outs and I bought two of every animal they had. Some of my friends and family gathered one night for an all out painting party we even got the guys do to it, I can tell you Jake Cord did that lion. And theres a calico cat (I can see it in the picture it is yellow and green about the middle) my nephew that was like two did. (it was a lot of splotches of different paint, but you outline it and give it a face and it was perfect) We hot glued these on the planks as well. The planks are long gone but I can't get rid of the animals. They were in a toy box forever and my kids played with them before we got plastic animals. I didn't want the wood to break so I put them in a plastic bag in our educational/art closet.

Today I found a purpose for them. I put the plastic bag in a pillow case and let Josh pull out an animal. He had to tell me the letter the animals name started with. Then he had to:
1. Write the letter.
2. Write three words that start with that letter.
3. Write a sentence using one of the words above.

Translation: L, Light, Lion, Letter. The Lion eats a pizza.
D, Dolphin, Doll, Daddy, The dolphin swims in the pool.

Not bad kid, he thought the whole picking an animal was fun and I can keep my memories, I mean my wood painted animals a little longer.

Gym fun

This was a fun school outing we got to go on. One of the ladies in our group had "connections" okay it was a relative, but we got to have some open gym time to ourselves. Holly loved the trampoline and even tried the rope swing more the once. She was afraid to jump into the foam pit but after once it wasn't so scary anymore.

(I was sad my batteries were dying so every time I tried to take a video my camera died).

This is me climbing the rope wall. I am afraid of heights so this was a huge deal for me. The rope wall doesn't look that high but it was!

My friend took a picture of my swinging out on the rope swing, not the prettiest picture, but it was fun! Holly wants to know when we can go back.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


This last week I got pink eye, this weekend I had the flu. I am now waiting for the last thing to happen. My mother always said things happens in threes. I hope it will just be a broken nail. Hey, a girl can hope, can't she!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


I have pink eye, beware!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I just did homework with Josh and I need a nap!

Josh didn't have an assigned homework today, so I thought that I would make some stuff up. On the weekly reminders to the parents it said to work on sight word and math using money. Well he already knows his sight words, though we could have worked on handwriting. So out came the money. Now he knows the names of the penny, nickel and dime, but doesn't know which one belongs to which coin, he just knows those are names of money. He likes to through in coin also.

All I can say is we are both fortunate to leave the experience alive. I could feel myself getting tense and annoyed that he just couldn't get it. I finally remembered an enrichment that Sister Bryce did saying everyone learns different. So, I tried word association. That only worked for the quarter. But then, we did a chant. A lot more got through. I drew some pictures of stuff for him to buy. When he bought the last thing, A Woody doll worth 26 cents, he was able to figure out which coins to give me and could tell me there names.

Will he remember it tomorrow, who knows but we climbed that hill today and will have sore muscles tomorrow.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Not going to get mother of the year award

So poor Josh never gets any posts it seems like. Holly is always home with me.

Anyways, Josh and I read a book each to each other after school. The other day Josh read a 64 page book. And we're not talking the 2 or 3 word per page variety, but the 2 or 3 lines per page. Unfortunately, I am always sleepy when we do this. Yes, you guessed it. I feel asleep in the middle of his book. Luckily he didn't notice. Poor kid, I really am proud of him.

Back on track!

This week I had a great lose at weigh in. I am back on track and have 4 pounds to loose and then I reach life time at Weight Watchers. Wahooo!

What should I grow?

I am really excited to plant a garden this year, both vegetable and flower.
I was driving in the car with Holly and I asked her what she wanted me to plant in our garden. (We have a lot of meaningful talks in the car:P). She didn't understand at first so, I told her mommy could grow tomatoes. Ohhhh! She wanted to know if I could grow banana's. No, they grow in Hawaii and humid places. So she wanted to know if I could grow oranges. Yeah. How about avocados? Uh, probably not. What about applesauce? I explained that comes from apples and they grow on trees. I told her we could do cucumbers and green beans. She asked what about salad. I said yeah, we can grow lettuce and she said NO, SALAD. Oh, okay we can grow salad. Then Holly asks what about animal crackers? I told her they come from wheat and I wasn't planning to plant those.
I think now both Holly and I are excited about the garden, though I think she would be happier with the things you could grow somewhere tropical. She can do that when she is grown up.