Monday, August 30, 2010

Our fun on Saturday

Drywall, Baby! Okay so I am the glorified screw passer girl. Poor Don. We had to put up the ceiling drywall first and it was whole sheets at a time. We built a T to help Don hold it up while I was to screw it in. Well if you look at the second picture in the far left hand corner I put in one screw. Don was holding up the drywall and putting in screws. Amazing. I'm just not that fast and I can't eye ball it. It was driving me crazy. I did do some of the wall drywalling (Don got the camera, hence the bum shots).

Tah-dah. I now have a drywalled room, lights and ac. Pretty cool, huh? This week we are planning to do some taping and muding. Hey did I mention that I helped wire in the three switches down in that picture, we are also going to wire my plethora of outlets this week I am way excited!

First pic looking from the doorway, second looking from the laundry to the right of the door. Last pic looking at the wall by the closet.

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