Sunday, October 31, 2010

Family movie night

For our family movie night we rented How to Train your Dragon. Both Don and I give it thumbs up. We popped popcorn for the kids and had them get blankets and pillows out. As a treat they get to eat the popcorn in the living room.

It was funny to watch Holly get into the show. At one point she was sitting up with her hand over her mouth, like oh-no. The next moment she was shaking her hands that were balled up in fists. She was totally into it.

Josh was so sucked in he barely touched his popcorn, and that is saying something. Even more he only took one bite out of his kit-kat bar.

The kids have decided that they love movie night. Don's on board as well, we were thinking about doing the first Star Wars next. Hmmm....

Happy 32nd, Honey!

It was Don's birthday on the 20th. I think that he had a good birthday. My big present for him was one of those rolling, all the drawers, garage tool chest. (It wasn't even on the list). I had bought a month or so in advance and stored it in my friends garage. (Her poor husband came home one day and saw it, and was like ohh, did we get something today? She was like nope, it's Don's. Bubble- POP!) I had no idea how I was going to get it in the garage. I had the man at Aldi's carry it to my car and Katie and I both moved it together, but I did and Don was super excited. I love it when a plan comes together!

Here's the cake I made him. It was a cherry chocolate cake (two layers with extra cherries in between) and I did it fancy style. Oh-yah!

Hope your next year is just as sweet!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Basement update-in early October

Well, this Saturday we hung sheet rock in Don's new man cave. It just needs to be taped and mudded. My room is closer to being painted. A couple of walls just need to be sanded one more time.

It's just so exciting to see these spaces transform.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

New (to us) raincoat.

sorry awful picture. My friend had an extra girls raincoat and hat and I had an extra pair of crocks, that would fit her daughter. We traded and tah-dah new rain coat- $0. It has cute flowers down the front of it and Holly looks pretty cute in it. To bad the picture isn't better, no smile and too dark. This is just before we started of to school.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

First time to the dentist.

Josh and Holly went to the dentist the first time this week. I know, I know I took long enough getting them there! When I found out that our insurance pays for all of a check up I was like sign me up.

Holly went first. Now let me tell you it was a pediatric dentist, so it is all geared for kids. There were toys and fun things. There were movies and the Disney channel. Above each chair is a flat screen tv. That is playing some fun movie. When I was a kid it was a colorful poster. Each child got a new toothbrush, balloon and a fun little toy. Holly did fine until the end when they wanted to paint vitamins on her teeth. She clenched her mouth shut and did not want to have anything to do with it. It wasn't until later I found out why. She said, once we got home, "Mommy, I can still suck my thumb!" She thought the stuff that they were going to put on her would keep her from doing such. When she realized she could suck her thumb she decided it wasn't so bad at the dentist. So, much so that Josh was excited for his turn.

Which turned out to be the next day. He did great until they were going to suck out the saliva with "Mr. Thirsty". The suction noise got to him and freaked him out. He survived to go another day. Both kids are cavity free, yeah!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

RS Activitiy

We had a real fun activity this last week, "Pleasant Ridge Sisters got talent". We each brought a talent or a hobby to share about us a bit. It was fun to learn what interest other people and why. There was only really two talent show kinda talents. One sister played a really pretty piece of 'Be still my soul' and two other sisters did a great rap, wigs and all.

There was a variety of things from doing hair and making hair pretties, to organizing, to frugal shopping, there was exercising, baking, crafts just a bunch of different stuff. I brought in a bunch of things I like to do, read, scrapbook, can, garden, and jewelery making. I had a great time.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Duck-duck goose- Was it worth it?

I'd say yes. I made $63 and it wasn't as hard as I thought. What I would do different is for the next fall sale I plan to garage sale at the end of summer and get some good looking toys and sell those at the consignment. They sold out of toys in two days. Everyone must have been getting ready for Christmas. I'd say this money will be helpful with kids clothes until our next consignment in April. We have most of our fall clothes already. Just a quick update.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pirate and Princess Party

(I don't know why I have been slacking on getting pics of both of the kids).

Josh and Holly were invited to their friend, Mabel's birthday party. It was pirate and princess party. Her mom really wanted a pirate party and she liked the idea, but wanted princesses too. So the girls got to dress like princesses and the boys pirates. Josh looked really cute in his costume. They both had so much fun. They played, went on a buried treasure hunt, ate pizza, painted faces. I don't think that it gets any better. Mabel's mother rocks!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Fall Festival

Our Stake ( this is several a group of several of our congregations. Several ward, congregations, makes a stake. Several stakes makes a region and so forth and so forth. We like organization.) through a fall festival. My kids had to eat the chili from the chili contest, which they weren't happy to do, but after that they were in heaven. There was a bounce house, a carousel, face painting, popcorn, homemade root beer, crafts and balloons for all. It was a great time! I hope they do it again.

Poor Josh just barely fit on the carousel, but he was happy. He had a monster painted on his face and Holly had one cheek with a witch and a bat on the other. To round out our evening we went and got pumpkins at Aldi's (only 1.99 a flat price and their a decent size!) The kids had the best weekend ever!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The circus is in town

As a family we went to the Circus this last Friday night. (I don't know why I didn't take a picture of Josh). It was pretty cool. Josh's favorite part was the tiger tamer. Espcecially when he lite a hoop with fire and the tigers jumped through it. He also liked when the girls came out riding the elephants. Holly wanted to know several different times, "Mommy, where are the pants and shirt? Mommy they forgot to put pants on! Mommy, where are their clothes?" Those circus girls sure do dress like Vegas girls.

We did really love it I took more pics, but many of them didn't turn out. There were tigers, elephants, sheep dogs, ponies, spining girls, flipping boys, a contortionist, and a few clowns. It was Josh, Holly, and Don's first time to the circus. Thanks for the tickets!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Words of Wisdom

Holly and I are driving in the car. She is coloring in this book ( a color wonder) where the ink appears after you color it. There are different words and pictures that also appear. She was coloring in a Dora book. She was telling me that there was a word. She tried to sound it out and she couldn't get it. I told her to spell it out to me, but I couldn't figure it out. Because it was Dora I told her it must be Spanish. She thought about for a second and said, "No mom it's not Spanish, there is no S". So all Spanish words have S's in them. Now you know.

At dinner today Holly asked, "When are you going to have a baby?" I asked Holly if she had been praying for me to get pregnant. She said, "Yes, I want two more." I said 2! She said, "Yeah, one for Josh and I, don't worry mommy, we'd share." Isn't that kind of her.

Don and the kids were at the hobby shop last weekend. Holly asked, Daddy do you work on Saturdays. And Don said no. Holly said, "Mommy doesn't work on Saturdays, girls don't work any days." Don just laughed and didn't touch that one with a ten foot pole. He told she have to ask me about it.

I know Josh said some funny things too this week, but I can't recall them. It is driving me crazy. Poor kid.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

IJAMS Nature Center

For Holly's first school field trip we went to the IJams nature center. One of the moms pointed out to her a snake skin that was in a clear box that the kids could pick up and look at. She asked the mom, "You mean from a real snake?" You know opposed to those fake snakes. She was so excited that she went around showing all her friends.

Here is Holly at a little house on the property she is pretending to sell her friends food. It is a great game you knock on the shutter and order and then you get to get your invisible food. She loved it.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Check it out1

My friend Lori is an awesome seamstress and just started selling her items online. She is doing a give away of some cute snack bags. Very enviormentally minded. Okay I can't spell but leave a comment on her site and you might win one. The shirts I taught how to make at RS I got the idea and instructions from her blog. Good Luck. You can win one and I could win one.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


The other day I was thinking when I was driving. That's were I do my best thinking, there the shower and just before I go to sleep. All the hardest places to write down a thought. So anyways I was thinking about how I gain so much from the women around me.
From my friend Elizabeth, I have learned to try new food and you can make them healthy. To try new ways to help the earth like recycle.

From my friend Kim, that you can make money in all sorts of ways. Selling stuff on e-bay, writing articles for different sites, selling clothes and consignments. You can also make many of your own things. She is my resourceful gurroo!

From my friend Alice, that you should always be yourself and never apologize for it. She is so Alice that you love her and admire her for being a strong women.

From my friend Susan, sewing and canning. She is not the stereotypical Molly Mormon, but she knows so many things and inspired me to do them as well.

From my friend Katie, to be more layed back. Katie is not lazy at all she gets everything done, but just takes things as they come and doesn't freak out. She is loving with all kids and has an abundance of patience even if she would never admit it.

From my friend Lindsey, to serve. Lindsey will put down everything to help someone and she is not a bragger. When I hear of a person in the ward that needs something, you can bet that she has been there or is getting a meal or whatever. That girl is so humbly giving.

From my friend Ronna, to give freely. Ronna doesn't think oh I can't give them this or that. She knows that you need baby clothes she will get them. You need this for yourself she will get it. She is always giving.

From my friend Aimee, to always prepare. Aimee is really good at preparing. Preparing to be healthy for pregnancy, preparing for financial hard times, preparing for her families future. She isn't a nut or a fanatic, but in her own way she is so good at preparing for the future.

From my friend Emily, to pray. Emily is the best prayer. I learned from her to turn to prayer in all things. She prays when she is angry, in need of guidance, thankful, for all points in her life.

You know I could go on and on. I have learned so much from the women around me. Things that I am still trying to implement in my life. If I have not mentioned your name it doesn't mean that I haven't learned from you or you haven't touched my life. And don't get me wrong those that I have mentioned have many wonderful traits and gifts that I didn't even talk about, but these are things that touch me. I am so glad to be surrounded by such women. You are all awesome thank you for improving my life.


Yep, I did it. I tried consigning at the bi-annual duck duck goose sale. If you have never been there it is over whelming. The amount of clothes, shoes, baby stuff, toys and the time you have to stand in line to check out. This is not for the faint of heart. I am hoping to make enough to have money for the kids clothes until April when I want to consign again. For future note. If you consign in October it is good to do toys they pretty much sold our in two days of the toy stuff. People are planning for Christmas. I will let you know if I happy with the out come later. Go buy my stuff. 1/2 off day is on Monday.

This is an old Kmart that is now totally full. I could barely find a place to hang the clothes up that I was trying to sell.