Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Please Vote for my room colors

Well I am getting excited with my new craft room getting slowly closer and closer to being done. It is no where ready to paint yet, but these are the paint colors I am leaning toward.

First of all there is a nice size window in the room and we will be putting in lots of lighting and lots of cabinets. I want to paint the cabinets in the whiteish color or maybe I should do it in the brown. Hmmm. The orange is only to be a splash here and there.

Here are a couple of combinations.

Here are options of the cream, blue, brown, orange.

I know it is hard to see the true color, I tried my best when I was taking pictures. Please vote and let me know.
The orange from the top to bottom: Citrus Blast & Solar Flare
The Blues top to bottom: Harbor, Teal Bayou, Riverside Blue, Nov. Skies, Fresh Water, Coastal Mist
The Cream top to bottom: Linen White, Princess Ivory, Canyon Cloud
The Brown top to bottom: Chocolate Coco, Bear Rug, Chocolate Sprinkle,Dried Leaf


  1. I think all the combos look good, but I would vote for the lightest shades combo (i think it was the first picture) From experience when we painted our master blue, the light blue we thought we were picking turned to be MUCH more blue than we wanted. I say pick light cause it will be darker when it is all over the wall. But I'm excited for ya-- and a little jelous of your craft room! Mine is still just all over the dining room table!

  2. Okay from the blue selection, I would go with the very bottom one in that line of like 6 blues, I like the splash of mango one you showed me before and I think all the cream colors and the dark browns are excellent. It's going to look awesome!