Thursday, April 21, 2011

My new chair

I had to order a new computer chair for my new office. I needed something tall enough for my counter high computer space but low enough for my sewing area. I picked this one our and I picked the material. I the picture the orange was much more vivid. It actaully is the color of the 1970's church soft chairs, not nessacerily what I was going for, but it will work and it is comfy.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ward Activity

We had a ward activity that I was over. It was a whole ward effort. The RS did advertising and tables, the YW did a spiritual thought on Christ and Easter, the Primary did a childrens Easter egg hunt, the Elder's Quarom and High Priest did breakfast and the YM did clean up. I was worried about everybody doing their part and that worring was a waste of time. Everyone shined in their efforts and we had a wonderful activity. The food has way better than I asked for and only went over $2-5's. I asked for pancakes, bacon, juice. We got scrambled eggs, pancakes that were huge and light and fluffy, ham, hash browns and o.j. It was so delisious. It was neat to see all the men cooking away. It was hot and ready on time. The kids loved the egg hunt, we made it an indoor one due to weather. The YW were sweet and the YM cleaned without leaders. I am so proud of our ward family. Sad to say I forgot to take one single picture.

Monday, April 18, 2011

What color are you?

We had such a neat Enrichment this last week. Way to go enrichment committee. We snacked on foods from the rainbow (there was tons of fruit, yeah for me Healthy). We took a personality test. you were either Orange, Gold, Blue or Green. I am very Gold and I found myself surrounded by people I truly identify with. It was really themed night and Avery tied in to the fact we are not one compartment, but we should strive to be a bit of each, because that is what our Savior is. She talked about that Christ is the light we look to and we want our image to be in his countenance. She gave us each a crystal at the end of the night because when you shine a light on a crystal it makes a many rainbows. Christ being the light us being the crystal. I loved the whole evening.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Food Storage Room Demo and Framing

Yep, I helped make this mess. It is amazing the feeling that comes when destroying something with a hammer. Of course Don was much faster than I at pulling stuff down. Don took the duct work and put it between the floor joist (or however you say that) so now we don't have this huge beam from our ceiling. It really makes the room feel more open.

So we had to fill up that new found openess with my new food storage room. Yeah! Look at the beautiful frame work Don did this weekend. He says that the wiring will be done this week and maybe some dry wall will be hung. Hmmm, I wonder what color I should paint the inside?

Friday, April 8, 2011

Her own style

Holly loves dresses and skirts. Although spring has flirted with us here, it is still necessary to wear pants and most of the time a sweater or jacket. I thought that I would post of few of Holly's combinations. I forgot to take a picture of today's out fit. It was a long sleeved blue flowered dress shirt with a plum skirt underneath that and jeans under that.

These were earlier this week. A little summer dress, (which I will always make her wear a t-shirt under, but I would pick white in color), with a purple stripped tee underneath and jean stretch pants under that. In the morning she had a lavender sweater to keep her warm and don't forget the purple high heel shoes that she loves to clomp around in.

The last one actually worked and I wished I had gotten a picture when she had her pink raincoat and matching rain hat on. Plus her rain boots and matching umbrella in tote. This ensemble is a cute lime green tee, paired with a bright blue

ruffle skirt (you know ruffles are all the rage this season) and sparkly leggings to go underneath.

She just loves her skirts and maybe she will start a trend.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

A funny TAIL

You know that it is spring in our backyard because the rabbits are back. Last week Holly spotted a baby rabbit and chased it around the yard. I am surprised it didn't die of a heart attack.

On Saturday, Don went to mow the yard and found a baby rabbit. He put it in one of my buckets. I went over to talk to it and it hopped out. Don was a little disappointed. Not to worry. Later, as I sat in my office

watching conference, Don knocks on my window to show me he caught the rabbit again. As he tilts the bucket the rabbit sees it's escape and hops out. I got the fun entertainment of watching Don run back and forth in front of my window trying to recapture the baby rabbit. Man those things are fast. Finally success! He asked me to take it to the elementary school right away (we don't want it here by our garden, and we can't kill it either). The school is literally 3 mins away. By the time I got back he had caught 3 more and was chasing another. That's right FIVE rabbits. We never saw the mother, but if she wants to find them she can go to the elementary school. And that is the end of our furry tail, or so we hope!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New renovation to start- THE FOOD STORAGE AREA

I have done my part so Don can start on our next project. I am super excited. This use to be where my computer was, but now that I have my office I moved all my stuff over. All that is left is an old sewing table that is going to my mother-in-law next visit. That wood thing is actually a cabinet and the boxes on top are either to donate or to be put in the attic. So yeah, I am so excited to see all my food lined up and organized. More to come!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


The children's museum was free. So Katie and I packed up the kids and went we had a fun time. We dressed up and played and even played outside and ate our packed lunch.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Best FHE- Don I'm so proud of you

For FHE, Don and I decided to play a game with the kids. It was pretty nice outside so we decided it would be fun to play baseball. We told the kids we were going to go outside and do something as a family and we'd have to work together.

We went out and used the t-ball stand. Don was the outfielder and the kids and I took turns hitting the ball and running the bases (flattened cereal boxes) before daddy could tag us out. Sometimes the kids got tagged, sometimes I had to hit them home, but everyone had fun. We then played some quick hide and go seek.

When it was time to go in and have our closing prayer and our treat Don asked the kids some questions. He asked Josh if he ever made it to home plate by himself? Josh said no, mommy and Holly had to help me. He asked Holly the same question. She gave basically the same reply. Don said that is like returning home to our Heavenly Father we have to work as a family to get there, and just like they need mommy to make it possible to get home, we needed Jesus to make it possible to return to our Heavenly Father.

I was so proud of Don he did that whole thing on his own, no prompting or deciding on it together, he just spiritually lead our family.


Sunday, April 3, 2011

A week in my life

I had this great idea I would take picutres of things I did during the week, I ended up with way too many pictures. But her are some. For anyone that really knows me I am a schedule freak. It bring sanity to my life. Monday: Go walking; do laundry/change the bedding; make bread; make treat of the week and FHE treat; pick-up Josh; homework; dinner; FHE.
Tuesday: I went walking (here are the girls in the double stroller waiting to be pushed as I walk); I swept, vacumed, and mopped all my floors; met with Katie to go to children's museum-for free!

go and pick up Josh from school. Holly buckling her seat belt. That is a wonderful time when kids start doing that themselves; read while waiting in line to pick-up Josh at school. Go to the co-op to get some plants for the garden ( a little disappointed not quite the nursery feel, but the feed store feel which is exactly what it is, but not what I was hoping it to be. Over all great prices.)

Read my scriptures (this and making meals are just part of the everyday life).
Make sure the kids get a shower or bath; went to book club (didn't read the book but had to say good bye to a friend that was moving and got introduced to Magpies a yummy cake/cupcake place).

Wednesday: Our pre-school for Holly was canceled due to the teachers child being sick. No problem everyone meet at the park. Holly rode her bike and we flew a kite. I haven't done that for a long time. I got caught up in the moment. After picking up Josh plant the plants I bought the day before. I was suppose to dust today, but it just didn't happen. After dinner a meeting with the bishop for primary.

Thursday: walking; WEIGHT WATCHERs; lunch; nap; pickup Josh; pay bills. That night I went out with the girls and we went appitizer hopping. We went downtown with these cute eateries and took turns paying for appitizers. What a great idea, thanks Aimee. This was a yummy pesto fondue and brushetta. It was soooo good. Each resturant was yummy and it is just the right amount to share and not get stuffed.

Friday: Drop-off Josh; no walking instead went to 50% off day at goodwills (went with friends, had a great time with Marla went out to lunch with her); clean bathrooms; pick-up Josh; homework; dinner; game night at the Teeds.

That was my week in a nut shell. It is not glamourous, but it is my life and I enjoy it. Even the everyday chores, meal making, homework helping, and kid rearing. It's a full time job and I am the CEO of this family. I think our company is doing well!