Monday, August 23, 2010

Josh gave a talk

Josh gave his second talk in his primary career. This one was more mommy prep than Josh. The subject was Jesus Christ has power over death. I tried to sit down and discuss this with him. I related stories and asked if he knew what happened to Jesus after he died. He knew that Jesus was resurrected, but he couldn't remember much more. I put some simple things to read on the back of some pictures and made sure he closed his talk with his own feelings. All in all he did a really good job giving it. The mic. was out and Don, who was standing in the back, said he spoke clearly. I am very proud of my little Josh. His testimony of the gospel is slowly growing. He knows he is a child of God and he knows that Jesus loves him. He knows because Jesus was resurrected that we all will be resurrected to. Step by step.

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