Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Last Splash Pad Playgroup of the Summer

We went to the Worlds Fair Park again. My kids were excited to Liam when we pulled up and doubly excited to see Brielle and Benson show up. It was strangely cooler this day. It must have been down in the low 90's. Yes, that's right I said cooler! It was overcast which was nicer for us mommies.

We had a new friend join us Katerina I'm excited to get to know her mom better. They just became full time in our ward the last couple of months. They had been commuting between here and Nashville. Yuck.

Holly felt like it was too cold and insisted on having her towel early. Really she just wanted to sit with the mommies.

We finally went to the park. I think that the kids enjoyed this the most. They had a whole park to themselves but they kept running around and congregating on one item at a time. How many more kids could we have gotten on there? After we ate lunch it looked like it was about to rain.

All us mommies were hurrying to pack up the kids and our stuff. I stood under a tree as it poured another mommy went under the play structure and had most of the kids with her; when the kids realized why are missing out on the rain and ran out to play in it. The slides are SUPER fast when they are that wet. Some of the kids got some serious air!

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