Friday, December 18, 2009

Hi,my name is Stacey, and I trick my children.

Okay, so it's that time of the year again. When my children dream of what presents they're going to get, I dread it. Not because I don't want them to be in Christmas bliss and euphoria, but I have no idea where to put these new treasures when there room is already busting at the seams.

So, I did what any desperate mother would do. I my unknowing children with movie time. Letting them pick a favorite that hasn't been seen for a while. (You gotta make sure they're good and sucked in!). Then I snuck into their room with a bag and started going through all the toy bins. Tossing what I thought was useless (McDonald toys or birthday party grab bag specialties), hymning and haing over other toys (things that Josh doesn't play with, but Holly still does), and having denial over the things that I am attached to ( these wooden cut outs that a bunch of family and friends painted with me while living Idaho. I still couldn't get rid of them they are now residing in the craft and school closet. I figure I can make them educational some how).

If you go in my kids room for the next five minutes their toy area is perfect and neat, without them suspecting a thing. The books and dress-up close are next! Ahhh-ha-ha-ha!!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I don't want sharps!

So, I never got his kindergarten shots, and we finally got the dreaded letter saying we needed the kindergarten shots. Dunt, dunt, duhhh! Not only did we have to get this taken care of, but we had to do it before they would let Josh back to school. So, after picking Josh up after school I told him and Holly we had to go to the "department". They were fine with this. Josh was fine, chatting it up with everyone, until the nurse lady opened the door to the reception room to call someone else. The light bulb went on and Josh started to worry. "I don't want a sharp, mom!", "I don't want a sharp, mom. Do I have to get a sharp?" I was trying to figure out what a sharp was. Oh a shot. Fast forward to us in the doctors room, me trying to restrain Josh with my legs and my arms. Another nurse holding Josh down and Josh thrash and yelling at the top of his lungs. JOSH DOESN"T LIKE SHARPS!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Biggest Loser

I love watching the Biggest Loser. I decided this session when it started I would start my new path in life, as far as health is concerned. I had already started walking with some friends. We tried to start jogging in the mall as well, but the mall cop won't let us. Anyways I joined Weight Watchers. I know different things work for different people, but I need social pressure and their meetings help with that and the way the teach to eat is for an everyday life style not some food that gets shipped to you and you never learn good choices. So here I am 16.8 pounds lighter. I don't know if it is really noticeable to anyone besides Don, but I have started my journey and am proud of myself for sticking to it. I would like to join a gym, but the money fairy has not visited us thus far. I want to put, in true biggest loser fashion, my percentage over the weeks. My goal for the first weekend of December is 20 pounds we shall see.

Josh in school

No pictures here. I met with Josh's teacher this week for a conference. I just have to brag a bit. He is doing excellent. Yeah! He is already in a C reader and he just missed the D. He can write all of the end of the year kindergarten words already. She says he is well behaved, shares with the other children and plays well. He knows all his sounds, letters, shapes, colors, and is able to read well, as well as starting to write sentences. He is one of her favorites. Okay, so she might say that to all the parents, but it is only true in my case. I am so proud of him. Now we just have to see how he stands with his Speech teacher.

Determined to have a family outting!

No BUTTS about it!

On Saturday, after we got some chores, lesson planning and a primary practice done we wanted to go to free day at the zoo. I guess we weren't the only ones with that idea. The line to get in started on the freeway. We waited ten minutes and still didn't get on the off ramp. So, off to the bounce house we went (another free activity thanks to a birthday from grandma and grandpa). Nope no go there, it was back to back birthday parties. So option three. We had coupons, but couldn't use them on the weekend. Don has his own shoes and ball. It was the kids first time ever and they loved it. Holly go a little desperate at the end and decided to kick the ball instead of rolling it. We all scored decent. Don had 121, Stacey 119 (I was totally kicking Dons trash at the beginning), Josh 84 and Holly 61. We definitely will do it again.

More house updates

This is our dining room updates. Still not done. Don put up my crown molding, not bad for his first time. He also put in my shelves for me in the pantry. Still on the to do list. A door for the pantry. Chair railing and molding to look like paneling. Paint all the framing and molding, find curtains.

Arwen's surprise!

This was totally awesome! Okay, here it what happened. My sister-in-law (best friend)s 30th birthday was November 7th. That was the same day my mom was leaving here and had a lay over in Houston, TX about 10 mins away from my brothers house. She decided to surprise Arwen and extend her stay. Arwens mom came to a surprise conclusion as well. Mike (my brother was already planning a surprise party). My mom mentioned it to my grandmother who offered to fly me out, much to my excitement. Arwen sister also travel up and her Aunt and Uncle. All of us coming and it was a complete surprise! It was so hard not to talk about it the weeks leading up to the time. She thought that her husband had given her a massage for her big gift as well as dinner out with friends. Little did she know Saturday (the 7th) we were all in town running around and getting food, decorating her house and dressing up like pirates, ARGGGGG. Yes, I did say pirates that was the theme. Check out the cake it was awesome! She came back from her massage and much to her dismay the garage door wouldn't open (Mike had dismantled it, forcing her into the house by the front door). She opens the door and all her ward friends and neighbors yell surprise. Then my mom and her mom and sister yell surprise from the stairs. Then her other sister and I run in from the back room and yell surprise. Oh it was awesome! She was crying for ten minutes.
We ate and she opened presents (my mom had a bunch of her friends and family write in letters about Arwen and we put a book together, more crying). We also played games. And after all the regular guest left the rest of the family stayed up and played some more. I was up a full 24 hours but it was well worth it. I had so much fun!
Here are pictures of my brother and mom, Arwen and I, Arwen crying at the beginning and the family shot: back left to right: Tina, Tanya, Arwen, Aunt Victoria, Me (not flattering). Bottom: Cami and Lorien

It was my turn to host preschool. We were doing the letter H. We talked about hands, hens which lead to turkey, holidays. For snack I used a cookie cutter and cut out ham and cheese. The kids totally snarfed on that. Here are the girls being the letter H and me leading circle time. Below are a couple of turkeys the kids made. I cut out the pieces and showed them an example but then I let them go for it.

Halloween in saftey town.

Our city has this really cool thing called Safety City. It is a mini little city, with small buildings and everything that is run by the police station. Schools go in for field trips and they do safety training. Every Halloween they have it open to everyone for free candy, hot dogs, activities ect. I thought it would be fun to take the kids this year (it was the evening before Halloween).


The atmosphere was fine, but everyone that had a child in Knoxville was there, I swear. We waited in line at least 40 minutes to get in. We waited in line 30 minutes for a Hot Dog. We waited in line for a drink. The kids didn't really get any candy, it was just way to crowded. I applaud you Knoxville on having a safe cool place for Halloween activity, unfortunately it is just a little to small for all of us.

My mom came and visited us around Halloween. We went to help with Josh's class Halloween party. Boy, did those kids luck out in the food department and then they got to watch, "Charlie Browns, The Great Pumpkin". Tough life in kindergarten. Holly loved being there also.

Cutest witch ever

I was in Wal-mart with Holly and I couldn't resist talking pictures of Holly in these hats. I don't think that you could make this witch ugly. I have 12 months to talk Holly into being a witch for Halloween next year. Let's see if I win the quest!

Fire house fun.

For Holly's preschool we went on our first outing. We went to the fire department. As a mommy I had a lot of fun. I don't know if Holly understood, but they thought is was cool to see where the fire people slept and I was glad that the firemen dressed in their garb so the kids could see that it is not scary. Afterwards the mommy that organized it brought doughnuts for the fire people and the kids.
Total side note. I was looking for this place and there was construction going on. I past it three times before I asked a rent a cop if he knew where it was. He was like yeah turn around and it is pretty much right there. Duh!!

Happy Birthday, Don

We celebrated Don's birthday in our new house. We invited over some of our new friends to have cake and hang out. Don was very excited to get a new BBQ for his birthday. He also got some movies and a car buffer. (I know weird, but he wanted it and now I get to reap the rewards. A-ha-ha-ha!)

Walking Wonders

I have been walking with Elizabeth for a couple of months now. We walk in the park that way our kids can play afterwards. I am pretty proud we average 2 to 2 1/2 miles. One morning while we were walking I saw this and thought that the fog climbing across the lawn was beautiful. Of course the picture doesn't justice, but what are you going to do. By the way I love fall here.

I'm Back

Okay, so we finally moved in and we almost have everything unpacked. I think the last two boxes are mine for my craft area. Of course I leave my fun stuff until the very end. I am back to blogging. So here are a bunch of things that I am behind in. Enjoy.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Where have we been?

Sorry, we had to packed, moved, unpacked and everyone in the family got the stomach flu except me. My mom arrives tomorrow and will be here for 10 days. So I will try to update soon!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Friday & Saturday updates

Josh dragged all these limbs by himself. (They are limbs from a neighbors yard that fell in ours)

Lattice work. CHECK Trees in front yard cut down. CHECK

Front room 3 walls are primed (it took two coats that was some dark paint. I couldn't do the last wall because Don's dad is still patching a hole)

Moved light switch in kitchen from one wall to the other. CHECK

Put real outlets in the bathrooms and safe ones in the kitchen. CHECK

Put in sub panel and bathroom fan in master bath. CHECK.

More updates to be done Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. For me I am painting, painting, painting on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday I have to pack everything that's not already prepped.

Crazy sign

This sign cracks me up. '100 percent addictive-free natural tobacco'. Don't worry you can smoke this stuff and not get addicted, yeah right!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Okay, so we had a little hiccup in the installation tonight. We didn't measure quite right for the lazy susan so we're going to have to take one of our cabinets out of the equation. When we finally decided where the tall cabinet would go we discovered we (and by we, I mean Don) will have to relocate the light switch to a different wall. But, the good news is that we are that far ahead of the game for step 3 (the other side of the kitchen) with the already purchase of a cabinet. So these pictures are so you can get the gist of what it will look like when we move everything around, just imagine all the counter is there. I am way excited. Remember, step 2 will be the top cabinets in about a year. Yeah! (I'm so tempted to do a before and after picture, but I will wait until step 1 is complete).

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Baby Steps

Yeah! Don taped and mudded. Then I had to pick a color to paint our kitchen. I have lived in apartments for the last 8-9 years I have dreamed of painting walls amazing colors. I had this HUGH swatch thingy-magigy in front of me. I put it next to the counters and the cabinets and I total wimped out. I could not find a color. So, here is my tan with a hint of peachish color on the wall. I told myself that once we lived there a bit and I got more daring I could repaint! ( Don is gonna try to install the cabinets and counters Wednesday night, so more updates to come!)
I will say that I got a sample of 'Mulled Spice' paint for the dining room! Well I plan to only paint 1/4 of the room and the other 3/4 of the wall will be Ochre. Baby Steps.