Sunday, August 22, 2010

First day of first grade!

Josh was so excited for his first day of school. This crazy kid loves school. Anybody he can tell he wants to tell them about his new teacher, Mrs. R.

Josh was so proud of this t-shirt. When I was getting end of the summer shirts for next year I let him pick one fun shirt (and by this I mean not limiting him to the $3 price range). He picked out this Marvel t-shirt. Josh is REALLY into the superheros right now. He loves to draw them (future blog). He just couldn't wait to wear the shirt, so I hid it until the first day of school.

Holly is so jealous of Josh going to school. Her time is coming next year, but she wishes it was now. I think that she misses her brother as well. I didn't realize how much they entertained each other.

Here is Josh outside of his classroom and a shot of him at his desk. I think he was ready for Holly and I to leave at this point. Holly left sniffling about staying. I was proud of myself for not crying. He had a great day!

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