Sunday, August 22, 2010

Special Ring

Today I let Holly wear a ring to church. Not the gum ball or plastic princess sort of jewelery but a real ring. It was my grandmothers ring when she was a little baby to toddler. It has her initisals(spelled wrong) R M on it for Ramona Mae. My grandmother and my great-grandmother (Zelia) hated their first names. They both shared the same middle name which was not so vile to them. When Don and I were figuring out Holly middle name I thought that would be a great honor to them. Holly asked what the letters were for so I told her that it had been her great-grandmothers ring when she was a child. That there was something very special about it that she shared her middle name with her great-grandmother. I told her she could wear it at church every week if she promised to leave it on. It would be a new special tradition. We made it through the first week and now the ring sits in mommies jewelery box waiting for the next Sabbath day.

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