Sunday, August 15, 2010

A tu-tu tea party

In my ward I have some very talented and crafty sisters. These particular two have daughters Holly's age, their little girls hair is always adorable, I am totally jealous, but I love these ladies so what can you say. They invited Holly to a tu-tu tea party in the park, how cute is that! All the girls came dressed up and they had hung paper flowers floating from the trees. (here Holly is dancing under them). There was tea (raspberry crystal light) and goodies (marshmallow and chocolate chips) which the girls were totally enjoying. Each girl got a fairy wand and one of the moms, who had been trained in fairy ways passed on some of the information to them. (Yes, Josh is in the picture, I didn't have any where to take him. I will say this though when the girls got their faces painted he had batman and spiderman, while they had butterflies and hearts).

They learned how to fly.

They learned how to play the fairy version of duck, duck, goose or as the fairies call it princess, princess, fairy.

At the very end they joined hands around a tree to make their fairy wishes. Which seems so sweet so imagine all the fairies holding hands around the tree. One of the little girls says in the middle of it,"My butt itches". The mom says itch it. So she does. Now one would usually drop hands and do your own business. But this little girl kept holding hands with the next to her and used that little girls hand to itch her but. It just so happened to be Holly's hand that did the itching. Ah sweet little fairies ;P


  1. This is too cute!!! I loved tea parties when I was little...can't wait to do this with my future little girls... :)

  2. How cute! Execept for the scratching part....I so wish I could have brought Liv! Glad they all had fun!