Monday, January 31, 2011

Reno update- Bi-fold doors

We've come a long way baby! Here was my glorious laundry space. Before framing, framing, insulation and green board.

Then normal drywall. Paint and now bi-fold doors and trim. I am way excited!

There are no knobs due to my indecisiveness (is that a word?). I can't decided to use and paint (the color of the doors, so they blend) the knobs it came with or use the brown ones I bought. HMMM.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Husband is awesome

This Sunday is the fifth Sunday. That means there is a combined RS and Priesthood mtg at church. I was stressing because all my teachers were to go, which meant that it was my counselors and music leaders vs the kids. Then I had guilt because I was asked to speak for a bit in that meet, which meant I was ditching my awesome counselors.

As I am sitting in the meeting, my friend asks, "Where's your husband?", and I said something to likes of he's probably in the clerks office or ran home to get something to eat, and I bet I even rolled my eyes.

After I did my part of the meeting, I went back to primary. There sitting in the back quieting rowdy children was my husband. Later he told me as soon as he heard that we were going to be short staffed he decided he wanted to support me in my calling and help out. HE IS AWESOME. I don't tell him this enough. While there is not a day that passes by that he doesn't tell me how beautiful I am, or how much he loves me. I love you too, honey.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

New vocabulary to add to your dictionary.

Okay before the vocab lesson, Holly has started saying Silly Ol' _____. Silly Ol mommy, Silly Ol Josh. I guess she watched too much Winnie the Pooh, but I don't remember her watching it all that often. Once every six months. Hmmm.

We have the kids clear their plates. Every night I would look at Holly and say put it in the dishwasher. She would get up, take the seven steps into the kitchen and say, "Dishwasher or sink?". I started telling her that she needed to use her mind. A couple of weeks later she figured it out on her own and she proudly proclaimed, "Mommy, I losing my mind!". Just for fun we make her say it often.

Did you know that these are your glashes. On day Holly come up to me pointing to her eye lashes and said, "Mom, Jesus gave me my glashes!". I had her repeat herself so I could tell exactly what she said. Yes GLASHES .

And these are your armhits. One day when Holly was taking her shower I told her don't forget to wash your armpits and left the bathroom. When I came back to check on her she gave me the run down of everything she washed including her ARMHITS.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

So proud

Josh got two awards at his schools award ceramony last week.

First he got perfect attendance which I think that was true, but who am I to argue. (He was the only one in his class, crazy).

Then he got an award for being above average in reading for his class. At the beginning of the year they tested all the students and then re-tested a little bit ago and he tested above average for his classmates.

I was so proud of him and he was so excited. Way to go Josh! My little bookworm.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Here's Holly doing a ditty and looking quite pretty.

Holly loves to dress-up and sometimes her outfits are strange and sometimes they are just perfect. She also likes to make up songs and dance. So here is a little ditty.

Oh and she is trying to get used to these heels. They clomp alot and I am surprised that she hasn't tripped yet.

Monday, January 24, 2011

I love a good sale (okay I'm addicted)

So, Old Navy had 40% off their clearance. I bought a few things for the future. I got this blue shirt Originally 10.50 final cost 3.00.

I got these boy stripe shirts org. 7.50 final cost 3.00.

I got these fleece long sleeves org 14.50 (pok-a-dots) & 9.50 final cost 4.50 and 2.40.

I got these long sleeve v-necks org 7.50 final cost 2.50.

I got these pants org. 19.50 for 5.40 and the shorts org. 19.50 final cost 4.50.

But the best deal of all was this shirt which was .29 cents. No there are no flaws it was an Internet return so it was marked way down.

Grand total org. 126.oo I paid 36.59. I was ecstatic!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I love free days!

A couple of Saturday's ago, The Children's Museum had a free day. It was a really neat place. They had all sorts of stuff for the kids to do and see, and it didn't bore us parents either. This is an old school that was transformed into an interactive museum. They had a puppet room, water room, train room, and this huge life/kid size doll house.

What I found interesting about the doll house was that after both kids looked around the whole house Holly went straight for the kitchen that was fully stocked with play toys. While Josh found the nearest bookcase found a good book and sat down to start reading.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

A great day!

Today at church it was a great day. There was potential for rough waters. One of my counselors was sick and needed to go home (she was sick and wanted her to get rest so I am glad she went home. I f I was a true southerner I would say "Bless her heart".) and the Stake primary leaders came to visit, but all my teachers were there and my music team. It was awesome. Our music leader makes learning so fun. She made this huge dice that you roll and on each side of the die it had different ways of singing. Like sing while pinching your nose, or sing in a whisper, or with your hands over your ears. May sound kinda funny, but the kids loved it and I don't think that they realized that they were singing the same song over and over. Very sneaky.

For sharing time I am the one who did it. The kids did really well in participating and seemed interested. I am super proud of my senior primary. When I told them I was looking up a scripture in the Book of Mormon; they all got out there Book of Mormons and started looking it up too. I had more discussion with them and the scriptures, reading them and talking about the meaning of them. I felt like they were interested and not just sitting their with the glazed over look.

I had the opportunity to talk with all my teachers today and I just think that we have powerhouse teachers. They are really getting the kids involved with the lessons and encouraging them to not only bring their scriptures but to open them and read from them. I'm just really excited for this new year and the theme: I know the scriptures are true.

So a challenge, for everyone. Read your scriptures everyday. If the primary kids can do it so can you!


I love listening to the kids play. Now that Holly has all these Barbie dolls and Josh has a few superheros they are playing together and using their imaginations to make up scenarios. I think that my favorite part are their voices. Both of them going really high for the girls and really low for the boys. I wish I had videoed it.

Trace artists

Don sketched out 26 pages of Star Wars scenes and characters, yes my husband has many different talents, for Josh for Christmas. He did them on water color paper so Josh could water color them. Josh doesn't want to ruin them so he decided to trace them. When he was having trouble doing it sitting at the table I suggested he use the window. When Holly got up from her nap she thought she should get in on the action as well.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Snowman or Snowball

What started out as Uncle Pat showing us how to make a snowman turned into Holly saying, "I want to throw snowballs!", snow then flung in Uncle Pats direction.

The kids lasted a lot longer in the snow thanks to Grandma T's hats and Oma's mittens that are made for the snow. We lasted more than the average 5 mins.

But we always have to end in snow angels and luckily no snow in the pants this time.

Enjoying their new stuff

Holly and Josh are both loving their new coloring. They love color wonder stuff, and yes they are both left handed.

Josh had a Lego Christmas and had fun putting all his different sets together. I can't believe that he can do it on his own and he is getting faster at it too.

It's all about the shoes

Holly hit the mother load of Barbie's and Princess. Between all the families she got four princess, 1 prince, and 10 Barbie's. I gave Holly all my old Barbies from when I was growing up. Check out that sweet ride. When it was mine it was hot pink and yellow. Don disassembled it and air brushed it metallic plum with black leather interior and chrome hub caps to match the chrome luggage rack.

Holly's favorite part of the Barbie's are their shoes. She likes to change them more than the outfits and the doll is not complete unless she has shoes on. Second place would be purses, necklaces and sunglasses. You no all the piece that will get lost or vacuumed up first.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Let the model bonding begin!

When Don was little he and his dad really bonded by building models together. When Josh opened this model airplane he was like yeah, Dad and I can build it together. They had a good time and it supposedly will not break easy so Josh can play with it too.

Holy presents, Santa Claus!

The kids totally scored this Christmas with presents, between Tu-tu, Grandparents, Mom & Dad and Santa Claus, I kinda feel like it was too much. But off the high horse I go. They loved it. Josh helped hand out the presents. We all opened our presents Holly stared at this Barbie wedding set for quite a while.

Josh could barely put the Buzz Lightyear down to finish helping his Dad hand out the presents.

Everyone was happy. We all lazed the rest of the day away playing with our new toys. I didn't even get out of my p.j.'s.

As a tradition from my family. We have our big meal Christmas Eve and then on Christmas we eat leftovers and appetizers. No cooking or clean up for mommy. I true day off. That in it's self is a spectacular Christmas present.

Twas the Night Before Christmas

A long time ago my mom (Oma) bought our family 'The Night before Christmas'. On the inside it said that Daddy was to read this to the Trumble kids the night before Christmas.

You should of heard Don he read with such inflection, I was so proud of him. It was a great daddy and kid bonding moment, without mommy, but I had to sneak just one picture.

And to all a good night!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cookies for Santa

Doesn't everyone one where a Buzz Lightyear costume and tiara when frosting cookies?

Since I didn't let the kids touch my fancy cookies I did for the cookie plates I promised them they could decorate the cookies for Santa and for us to munch on Christmas day, eve and for however many days they'd last after that. I made a double batch of sugar cookies and Daddy, Mommy, Josh and Holly each got to pick out one cookie cutter then the kids helped me cut them out and I baked them. The next day when Grandma T, Grandpa T, and Uncle Pat got to our house. Grandma T , the kids and I frosted cookies. Actually for all but the last four Grandma T and I put frosting on the cookies. The kids would pick which colors red, green and white. Then the kids would put on the sprinkles. When we got down to the last four and I knew we'd have enough frosting I let the kids do the last cookies. It worked out well. That night they each picked a cookie to put on Santa' s plate. It was very exciting!


Decorating the tree

Don and I always decorate the tree together, I mean just him and I. I enjoy doing that with him. We put on Christmas music in the background and reminisce about history of different ornaments.

We leave out the kids personal ornaments and then they get to put them on the tree on the next day. What can I say we like to hog the decorating to ourselves.

Basment update: Flooring!

Yep, this is my honey cutting and measuring. I was so lucky to get a handy man for a husband. Just look at my beautiful floors, well ignore the sawdust from cutting and walking back and forth. He got this done so fast I am just amazed at my husband. He is wonderful. Here he is putting the last piece in my room. Wah-lah!