Friday, July 31, 2009

Twist and Shout!

Josh stood up and said mom look! He was doing the twist, I have not idea where he learned that. Holly can really shake her booty, it doesn't help that her skirt was stuck in the up postion.

The McDonald Magic

Don and I thought it would be fun to take the kids McDonalds for dinner the other night.
As I was sitting there watching my kids eat, I thought this isn't as cool as I used to think it was. When I was a kid my mom said my brother and I would share a Happy Meal and be full. Not my kids. I used to love McD's french fries. Now I just smell the oil they're cooked in. As we sit and ate I was thinking of these things and the fact that I could of made 3 meals for my family for the price of this one meal (with coupons for the kids) we ate that was not all that good for us. So my magic for the golden arches are gone. BUT.. my children were thrilled! From the place we sat to the chocolate milk and french fries, it was magical and special. They looked so happy, so I guess the magic has moved on to the next generation. (I took a picture of me, because I hardly ever end up in here).

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Puddle Plungers

So today when we went to go walking at the mall, there were some huge puddles. I always wanted to be one of those fun spontaneous moms that does really fun and cool things with her kids. I tend to lean towards being cautious and dry. But today I put caution to the wind and said, "Hey you guys, do you want to jump in the puddles?". The kids were so excited! So we stood there for five minutes and they jumped and jumped. By the time we were settled back into the stroller and going into the mall. Josh was wet, but Holly was soaked all the way up to her crotch! Sometimes it's good just to stop and jump in the puddles.
( Look at the air Holly was getting)

The House at Riverton

This months book club book was 'The House at Riverton'. I really enjoyed it. It takes place in the early 1900's and you get a glipse into a life of a servent for a rich southern family. It had some layers and I enjoyed it. Very light reading. I really enjoyed our book club. We talked about the book, but then we just chatted, it was a good group of women and I had a lot of fun.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mormon Movie Madness and Mommies Random Moments

Today was the last week for free summer movies at the mall. We saw Kit Kiteredge, it was kinda funny to see many mommies from our ward and there kids at the theatre, it was packed today! Usually we have no problem finding a seat, today Holly had to sit on my lap and we were in the middle of the row. Not that I am complaining, free is free.
Seeing all of us Mormons there at the theatre reminded me when I worked at a movies theatre in California. There were two buildings and each one had one screen. The main one had a balcony, which was cool. The church or a group of members got together and rented out one side to play some family movie. There were over 500 members packing that place. The ironic thing was that all of us working that day were LDS members (sounds like a lot of members in the area, but it really didn't seem like that many) including the guy that was manning the other theatre across the street that was getting held up at gun point and called us calmly after to tell us. Ahhh, the memories. Okay so maybe not all good.
The other thing about going to the movies today is, usually I don't care that I just walked two miles around the mall and I am wearing my sweats, with my hair slicked back in a pony tail. You get the picture! Now, I am not one of those moms who always looks nice, make-up is definitely optional. But I try to get out of the sweats and at least have my hair brushed. Seeing all those moms today I wanted to scream "I've just been pushing a double stroller around the mall trying to speed walk, I didn't just wake-up five minutes ago and throw something on!". Why this is such a big deal, I am not quite sure. But, my pride made me embarrassed. Now, will this stop me next summer from going in my sweats to the movie theatres, umm, NO! The show must go on.

Monday, July 27, 2009

The real Disney princesses names.

Holly has a special way of saying the names of some of the Disney princesses. Watch and hear!

DUMBO, and I'm not talking about the movie!

I don't have a picture of this yet, but Josh has a new friend. Unfortunately, he is the only one that can see him, Dumbo. Yes, it is an elephant. He has told me he is a baby elephant. Sometimes he cares for him (puts him to bed, plays with him, consoles him, one day he was feeding him tuna fish that was also invisible) and other times he doesn't even mention him.

I worry that this Dumbo may cause some problems. For instance, we were at a playgroup at the park and Josh kept running around saying "Come on Dumbo"! Many mothers were looking at Josh. I kept wondering if they were thinking, "What is that runt calling my child?" Or we were at church the other day and I guess Dumbo was with us. I told Josh he couldn't talk to him while he was at primary, with the other kids. I talked to his teacher later. It turned out that one of the kids thought that Josh was calling him a bad name and kept telling the teacher on Josh.

I am trying to tell Josh that Dumbo is not real, Josh says he knows and that he is using his imagination. I told him that the rest of us can't see Dumbo, but as long as he knows that, I am fine with his friend. Dumbo is no longer allowed to come to church with us. I never had an imaginary friend. I'm not quite sure what to do with this. But I am glad that he is using his imagination!

Swim Lesson, swim party

At the end of the week of swim lessons, Sister Bryson invited all her students and others to come for a swim party the next Thursday. This was by far our best swim day. Holly blew bubbles and put her head under water. Josh finally jumped in by himself head going under water and doggie paddled the length of the pool one way and back (mom was right there beside him just in case. Here Holly is with someone's swim goggles on. She kinda looks like a fish. The other picture is here kicking her legs in the pool and having a really good time. Here's a five second video of Josh putting his head under water. It was fun, and I even got in one last time.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A skill I still need to work on.

Okay, so I cut Don's and Josh's hair so we can save a little bit of money. I feel comfortable with Don's hair and how it comes out. He has thinner hair. While Josh has pretty thick hair and seems to grow really fast. Because it's thick you can tell I need more training. But, I will not give up! I figure if I keep doing it, by the time he cares what his hair looks like, I will be better at it. Anyone a good teacher?


After- He's much happier now that
the ordeal is over!

Movie Madness

At our mall there are kid movies for free during the summer. My kids love this. We usually go every tuesday after mommy is done walking in the mall and the kids have played at the in door playground. We shook things up this week and went on Wednesday instead. I know living on the wild side. This week we saw Flushed Away. The kids thought the slugs were funny. Of course mommy snuck in our snack and waters. I love free outtings. ( I didn't even notice that Holly had put her shirt on backwards. You think the ruffles on the back would have given it away. Duh!)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

A good Sunday

Today was a good Sunday. Don taught at church, which always puts him in a happy mood. The kids had fun in their classes. I loved my lesson in RS it was on charity. I went with Don to go visit a sister, and I got to know her better. We had pot roast dinner with homemade rolls, even if I took them out a little too soon. Our Home teacher came over. I worked on a new system to our FHE so the kids can be in charge. Holly wanted to clear her own plate (I think because Josh does) Don helped me with dishes. We had fun with the kids before they went to bed. We had family prayer and read scriptures together. It over all was just a good day! A lot of simple spiritual things to add up to one big smile!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Pickin' We Will Go!

Bright an early the kids and I went blueberry picking in Marysville (Don was helping someone move this morning) Josh thought it was fun, but Holly loved it! One in the bucket, two in the mouth. I swear that girl is made of berries, it's her favorite fruit.

The berry place gives you milk jugs with the tops cut off and a belt to hold it at your waist and a pickin'

you go. We went with the Gilday's and there girls were so sweet. Poor Tyler was in the stroller. Emily helped Holly find the good ones and throw out the not so ripe ones. Brianna (here with Holly) was eager to help too. We will definitely go again, we got 2 pounds of blueberry's for $2.50!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Buggin Out

They have different bugs here than we were used to in the northeast. I took this video to try to catch the sound of some weird bugs, they get really loud, then it sounds like someone turns them off and there sound is winding down. I also tried to capture some lighting bugs. There just little blinks of light now and then, hopefully you can see them. My kids call the lighting bugs Tinkerbell bugs. Enjoy!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sweet Rewards

Josh and Holly got a really cool library coupon book for listening to me reading an x amount of books to them. We decided today would be a good day to redeem one of those coupons. Josh got a dinosaur kid sundae and Holly got a dirt kid sundae. Josh's had this huge dino cookie in it and sprinkles. While Holly's had crushed Oreo's (the dirt) and gummy worms. They were quite pleased. Of course I had to get a sundae as well (Peanut Butter Cup) These
poor kids shouldn't have to eat alone!


More Swim Lessons

I just think that Holly looks so cute! I love that she has her daddy's eyes.

Tuesday & Thursday fun

Like I said I am a person of habit. After we go walking in the mall the kids get to play at the play structure. I think it is the only reason they are so good and stay in the stroller as I do my two miles. I used to try to jog some parts of it, but I got reprised by the mall cop. YOU LAY DOWN THE LAW! (Josh is totally posing.)

Being a copycat

My friend Julie has this option (my last entry) on her blog and it took me an hour to figure out how to get it on mine. I finally got it in the correct spot, down further on the left side. Thanks for letting me copy you Stoner girl!

My playlist

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lake Trumble

Bet you didn't know that when you rent an
apartment that you can have a lake side view.
Well, we do every time it rains. This is the
grass area beyond our cement patio. I like to
call it Lake Trumble. It has a drain but it doesn't
drain properly. Not only does it give us a lake,
but we get a mud pit for the next day. That
way it doesn't kill off the mosquito eggs.
This is why my kids hardly ever play at the
complex. We go other places.
Don't you wish you had your own lake too!
(P.S. this picture doesn't do it justice)

The Magic Show

Today for play group we went to the library to see a magic show. This magician was perfect for my kids age group. He kept their attention, made them laugh, and it was fun.
After we ate on the lawn that is by the library and a creek. There were some friends from the library and it was nice to get to know some new moms in the ward. Josh and Holly really wanted to be like the big kids and get in, but evil mommy didn't even give them the chance. Instead she suggested we follow the creek to this cool bridge. Then stealing an idea from one of the other mommies, suggested through leaves in and racing to the other side to see them. I thought this was true Winnie the Pooh fashion.

Swim Lessons

There is a nice lady in our ward who is teaching swim lessons this week for free. She is Red Cross certified instructor. Unfortunately, she only has one week available, but something is better than nothing. I come in my bathing suit as well so I can get in with the kids. The good thing about her pool, is it is in a pavilion. So there are no bugs or leaves and debris blowing in or stinging you (or in my case sucking your blood. A mosquito got me on the bottom of my foot the other day, strange). But on the flip side there is this lovely roof so it gets no sun either, and it is refreshingly, briskly cold. Not impossible to get into, but COLD! I appreciate the teacher Pat Bryson for getting in it several times a day to do these swim lessons.

The first day we went Josh was so excited that he was very distracted and I don't think that he paid much attention. After we talked a bit about listening to the teacher and playing afterwards, he did much better. Here he is on the second day. Practicing floating on his back. He can now almost get his whole head in the water and blow out air out of his mouth. He is having a great time!

Holly has a different version of swim lessons. She is the watch and learn type. Her she is holding the handle to get in. She likes pools, but prefers the warmer ones. When she does get in she wants me to hold her the whole time. Which is fine. Her favorite part is when the playtime starts and she can wear the ducky floaty. All in due time, mom!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Since I was a girl...

When I was a little girl I used to go to Tu-tu and Pops (grandma & grandpa Beermans) house.
They had some long cabinets that they put all their canned goods in. I would slide a stool over and stand or kneel on it and rearrange the canned goods. I would put all the fruit together peaches with peaches and pineapple with pineapple. Then move on to vegetables and organized them, soups etc. Yes, I know a weird thing to entertain a small child, but I loved it. I used to think that I was a grocer.
Now, it makes me happy after I do our monthly shopping and I am able to replenish our food storage (our church feels it is important to be prepared spiritual, physical, financially. So part of that, is having food in case of natural of financial disasters. And no, we don't get kicked out if we don't have it, Uncle Terry:D) So this may look like a mess in my kids bedroom closet, but to me it is a little bit of happiness. Not only do I feel a bit more prepared, but I feel like a kid again as I orderly put things away. I know pathetic and a little compulsive, but that's a bit of me!

Another Childhood Obsession

When Don was a kid his Dad and he had a special bonding activity. They would sit together and build model airplanes. As Don got older the planes went from a few pieces glued together to very detailed airplanes with very many pieces and detail stickers. This obsession has continued in Don's life. It is definitely one of Don's hobbies. I will admit when we were first married I didn't want all the planes displayed. I now think the display looks nice in our office.
Don is continuing the tradition with Josh. Josh got his first plane just before his fifth birthday. He and Josh put it together and now sits proudly in Josh's bedroom. I have a feeling that some day these airplanes are going to take over our house, but for now it is something my boys love to do together.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hookie Pookie

I am a person of habit. I like doing things on certain days. I do all my household chores on assigned days. Certain things with the kids we do on certain days. Wednesday has been our library day. Today the library lady did alot more songs and tried a couple of new ones on the group. Josh picked this up a little faster than Holls. She was just excited to stand by the teacher. Earlier during the reading part. Holly decieded she was going to sit with the girls. She doesn't know any of them, but that didn't make a difference. She just picked out which one WAS going to be her best gal pal and kept trying to squeeze in to get a seat by her. (Holly is the one in jeans and white t-shirt with the messy pony tail. Josh is in the Hawaiian shirt. Sorry I can't figure out how to rotate the video).

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Patience Puzzler

Another gift Josh got at his birthday was a box of 8 Disney puzzles. It said on the box that there were four 100 piece puzzles, two 300 piece and two 500 piece puzzles. It turned out that the 100's are actually 150 pieces. Okay long story short (to late). Josh loves puzzles. He can do the 150's, and yesterday he started the cars puzzle. I didn't realize it was the 300 piece one. He finished it today. I was so proud of his diligence and desire to do it. Holly is really good at the 35 pieces and can do the 150's if you do the edge for her, not bad for a five and almost three year old.
(Sorry the picture is out of focus, I was making dinner and I was trying to hurry).

Summer Splash Cents

Today for Playgroup we went to the Splash Pad at Carl Cowan Park. It was the first time my kids had been there, it was GREAT! Josh and Holly first ran around the perimeter of the pad getting wetter and wetter and closer and closer to the middle. Once Holly was good and wet she saw her friend Zoe, by the moms. She came over said hi and grabbed her hand and led her out. They had a good time playing with each other for quite some time.

Now most of us think to do something fun with your kids you might have to fork out a little money. One of the brilliant moms brought old ice cream and yogurt containers. My kids used these in place of water guns (which I had left at home). They filled them up and dumped them on each other, the pavement and those around them ( not always a happy thing). But Josh and Holly didn't stop there. They decided to use them as hats. Then they turned them into seats and lastly they put them on their feet and started walking around with them as shoes. I wonder if they could be the next style of clogs or crocks. You know the world is always looking for some way to reuse things!

Holland in shining armor!

Josh got s Knight costume for his birthday and dresses up in it almost everyday. I think Holly is getting tired of being the princess. She wants to be the Knight too!

Well not only is it hard to get the helmet on right, but her little legs have the sheath is barely off the floor. So not only is it hard to see her sword to get it, but the sword isn't pulled out of the sheath very easily. Maybe she should stick to being the damsel in distress. (NEVER tell her that she thinks she can do everything, and anything all by herself, who am I to pop her bubble and confidence)