Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring has sprung!

Spring is definitely here in Tennessee. I am a little nervous to see how hot it will be this summer, because it warmed up so fast here. All the trees are blooming. One day when we were driving I told the kids look at all the popcorn on the trees. We happily sang Popcorn Popping. On the way back from where ever we were going Holly said, "Mom, those aren't popcorn, those are flowers!" Can't get nothing past that kid!

These are my poor little daffodils in my planter box that needs a little more love.

This next picture has my tulips starting to poke up. Yes, these are my free tulips that I got earlier this year. I got dirt this weekend to fill by garden boxes and I had leftover so I put some in our front flower bed. I planted peas last week in the garden and I hope to plant a few more things this week. I love this time of year!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Basement update-my room

So here is where we started. Yes, this is the same wall just dry walled. Then we painted.

Then we added cabinets. Yeah! Check out all my storage, and my cool pocket doors. Don thought that maybe while I was

sewing that I would want to get into the other cabinets and the doors would get in the way so he made them pocket doors. This is also my table that I can open up to use or close down to put back in the closet. Please take note of the outlet in the same closet so I can sew right there, and the place above to store my sewing machine, iron and sewing supplies. Why is one of the doors not white, because I'm not done painting yet and I still have to put on door knobs, but for the most part the cabinets are done.

This is the other side of the room. Ugly garage, then studded and insulated, next is a dry walled and painted..

and now we have curtains and matching cornus that I made out of a shower curtain, counter top. I still need to paint the legs. This section still needs a couple of things, but we've come a long way baby.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

One bad apple

Last week I tried to make a key lime pie for FHE dessert. I totally had a bum recipe, but I got a better recipe from my neighbors and since re-made a key lime pie. When buying limes for said pie (by the way never make key lime pie unless limes are on sale) I heard Josh say,"Holly, no!" I turned around in time to see Holly putting an apple back that she had taken a bite out of.

Mommy was not a happy camper. I really should have counted to 10 first, but I spanked her cute tooshie and told her that, that was considered stealing and that she would have to tell the manager, mommy would have to buy the apple, she would have to tell daddy what she did, she would only be able to play in her bedroom the rest of the day. She was more afraid to tell daddy than the manager. The manager was a little too nice, though Holly barely whispered what she did and then hid behind me. Daddy and I passed further punishment that dinner would have to be that apple. Any of you that know Holly would think that this was no big deal, she loves fruit. We were having a meal with a lot of things that she loved and we had a dessert, which was unusal for that time of the week. At one point she was full, but I made her eat it all, because she had to have it. I know I'm the meanest mom ever.

We did explain how it was a bad choice and it was like stealing and when asked why she did it she said she was hungry. Hopefully it was a lesson learned.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Break

This week was Spring Break and that is just what I did from my normal household routine, okay for the most part I still had to make bread, do laundry, and pay the bills. But we got to do fun things too.

Tuesday- went walking played at the play area, had a friend over, tried to watch a movie at the theatre was sold out 2 shows in a row!

Wednesday- went to a friends house for a play date (Josh, Holly and I) finally went and saw Tangled loved it!

Thursday- went to a gym with a friend, kids got to play at the play center and I got to do Zumba I would like to do that some more. Went out to Wendy's for lunch, I love their Chicken Pecan Apple salad, then went to the Bounce House (thanks Oma and Opa). Ended with a baptism of a wonderful family.

Friday-went to the Zoo with the Zufelt's. Don and I went on a double date with some friends, we went to TGIFridays and then played games.

It was an excellent week, unfortunately I didn't take any pictures except at the zoo. I always take a bunch of pictures at the zoo and I promised myself that I wouldn't this time, but I wasn't successful in that.

Petting a camel and the girls following their zoo maps.

Josh and I, Holly being a mechanic at wee play, Josh singing a church song at WEE play

riding a turtle, brushing a goat, building something in the sand.

I just think he's cute!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Can I have a gold one?

So last week Josh told me during breakfast that his tooth felt weird. I felt it and sure enough, he has his first loose tooth. I am so excited! I told him that he is so lucky. When his tooth comes out that we can put it under his pillow and the tooth fairy will come and bring him a surprise. Then a new tooth will grow in it's place. He then said, "Mom, can I have a gold one?". I was like what. He proceeded to tell me that Dante at school has a gold tooth and that he hoped that he could have a gold one too. I told him that only the dentist can give those and I don't see him getting a gold tooth.

By the way the tooth has still yet to fall out and I can't even use the Beerman pinch method because the new tooth is starting to grow behind it. I guess it just gives me time to sew my tooth fairy pillow. Pictures to come upon completion.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

So much to say...

I am behind in my blogging. All day long I have been thinking about things I would like to blog about, but I am just too lazy. I am going to bed instead. Good Night!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Goodwill Hunting

Last Friday I went Goodwill hunting with some friends. They took me to all the best Goodwill's. It was a whole day of sales. The last weekend of the month here, all Goodwill's have 50% off of everything. I scored on everything I needed and then some. I thought I did pretty good for $39.50 I got:
2 dresses for Holly
1 sweater for Holly
1 Causal business jacket for me
1 dress for me
1 skirt for me
3 graphic tees for Josh (I hate graphic tees)
3 pants for next fall for Josh
8 pairs of shorts for Josh
1 pair of pj's for Josh
1 baby shower present onesie (with tags still on never been used).
I love bargains not to mention that some of these are Tommy Hilfiger, GAP, Old Navy. Not that my kids care or does it change if I would buy it. It just goes to show you can get good stuff at Goodwill if your willing to go hunting!
And don't mind that weird smell at the store- clothes go straight into the wash.
Thanks to my friends who took me it was alot of fun. Thanks to Holly and Katarina who were excellant even though they were stuck in a stroller for 4 stores spread over 51/2 hours.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ladies Night

Let me just start by saying I wish that I had more pics, my camera was not behaving. We went to Panera bread and grabbed some dinner, yum, and a lot of gabbing.
Some of us then went bowling. I was so surprised I bowled 105 my usual is some where between the 54 to 65 range. Thanks Alice for the healthy competition. I love going out with friends!