Sunday, August 1, 2010

Somethings we did last week....

This last week wasn't super busy we did have something almost everyday though.

Monday: We went to the Norwood Library and heard their music time. The guy was kinda kids meets folksy, but the kids seemed to like him and are still singing a few songs he taught them. I read.
Tuesday: Movies at the mall. We saw 'Pirates that don't do anything'. I didn't realize that it was a veggie tale. They're not my favorite. I think that their voices bug me after a while. The kids thought that it was exciting, I mean it involved pirates! I on the other hand fell asleep for a short while. (I was really exhausted at the beginning of the week, so I totally have an excuse!) This is the Texas Roadhouse Armadillo. They are sponsoring the free movies this year and give out free kid meal coupons after the show. Needless to say we have a ton. The kids wanted a picture with him.

On Wednesday we went to playgroup, but that always gets it's own post. Thursday I was getting ready for my pampered chef party. Some where in the week I took my kids with me to the grocery store and Holly was dressed up like Batman and Josh was dressed like Superman (bet you didn't know that Superman carries a knights sword). No pics of that one I am unsure why.

Friday: We went to the other library where story times theme was hat day. Josh opted for the firemans hat, Holly went from a tirra, to a construction hat and finally decided on an Easter Sunday hat. We got there a little early and Josh made friends with 8 year old twins. I don't know why I worry about him and other boys I

always think that they won't understand him or think that he is a little hyper/crazy. You know what I think all boys are a little hyper/crazy! What kind of hat did I wear? I wanted to wear the pirate hat with the dreads (like from Pirates of the Caribbean), but alas I forgot it. Oh well.

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