Sunday, February 26, 2012

Downton Abbey!

Who else LOVESSSSS this series. I was so addicted and now I have to wait practically a year to see the next season. If you haven't watched it check it out on Netflix. You can currently watch the 2 sesson on PBS but only until next week. So hurry. Watch it when you can. It is wonderful. My mom said there are books, so maybe I will have read those, while I wait for the next sesson.

I love the way Anna says Mr Bates. It so interesting to see the houses and the customs, the outfits. Can you imagine dressing for dinner every night? I know if I lived then I would be part of the down stairs cast and not the upstairs.

Holly's style

Holly picked out this outfit all by herself and I thought she looked so cute. she looked kinda grown up. Or it could be that the jean jacket brought me back to JR high days and I pictured her as a teenager. She needs to stop growing, stop looking cute, stop having crushes on 12 yr old boys, stop wanting make-up, stop loving high heel shoes, just STOP.

Oh by the way. I was on the phone with my mom the other day and Holly wanted to know what the weather was like in her (meaning my mom) land. My parents live in California.

Josh got glasses

So we got a notice from the school telling us that after they tested Josh's eyes we need to take him to the eye doctor. I finally took him after I noticed he couldn't see the tv from our couch. Our living room is pretty narrow, so I thought this is bad. The DR. said he could only see clearly like 2-3 feet in front of him. I felt terrible!

He picked out these glasses and I think he looks good. He came home the first day of school and said "Mom, kids liked my glasses, and they didn't even call me 4 eyes!"

Dr. Seuss baby quilt

My friend had this Dr. Seuss material that she wasn't going to use and gave it to me. I came up with this design all by myself and the middle is a disappearing nine around the titles of Seuss books. I made these burp cloths with left over scraps. This is fun!

Cowboy up!

Here is my cowboy quilt. I love the middle 1950's cowboy cartoon. I was learning how to do a 9 patch square.

This is the back.

Baby Quilts for my etsy site!

So I have been making burp clothes to sell on my etsy site. I decided to use the left over material to make matching baby quilts. Here is my first one. I think it came out really cute.