Sunday, August 1, 2010


I hear this title like one of those MC's for soccer championships.

So we are hoping to give the kids their own rooms by the end of the year. Since they now have 1 drawer each in an armories that Don built when Josh was born I am thinking that they might need new dressers. On Friday I went to a garage sale across from our house and saw this cute little white nightstand. I didn't buy it, because I wanted to talk to Don.

I woke-up at 7am with kids on Saturday and decided maybe I should check out the garage sales online. There was a garage sale not too far away that was a 30 family group effort. I thought surely there would be some furniture there. I feed the kids, plugged them into Saturday morning cartoons kissed a sleepy husband good-bye and off to the garage sell I went.

When I got there I saw these dressers and frame for a mirror.

I'm not a garage saler, but all of it was Broyhill and marked for $40 for the group. I thought cool, I'll offer them $30. There was another lady looking at them and talking on a cell phone. She was asking the person if she should offer on them and see if they would hold them to later. On a high thinking I would loose them I found the closest home owner and offered the full $40 and asked if I could pick them up a little later. Okay so that was a little ruthless, but isn't that the law of the garage sale? The good thing is Don liked them as well.

On the way home I stopped at the garage from the day before and the little night stand was still there. I offered them $10. This one need new paint and also some pulls, but I love the lines and all the drawers still work. Yeah, both of the kids are going to have furniture. Now let's see if I can talk Don into painting one of them white for Holly's room.

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