Sunday, May 2, 2010


(Okay, so this is the worst picture ever, but I have been trying to post this all week long and whenever I took the picture my computer wouldn't accept it. )
Earlier this week Holly was coloring pictures to give to her friends. Yormmu (asked Holly how to spell it) is a friend, or sister, or grandmother (whatever suits her purpose at the time) that Holly talks about. I guess she is an imaginary friend. Yormmu never comes to our house. When I asked where she lived Holly drew a map in the air and said (pointing) she lives way over her. She lives too far away to visit. Yormmu often comes up in conversation and Holly really misses her. By the way the pronunciation is Your-ma. So if you see Yormmu around tell her Holly says, "Hi!".

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  1. Curtis had a whole knight family that would let him do what ever I wouldn't. He even had a stepmother who would lock him in his room all day. (but they were still nicer than me). Aspen had three sisters who I think were witches. Sarah has a preschool. Her teacher is sick right now. I think she is hinting that she is bored with me at home...