Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fort Loudon

We wanted to take a little trip this weekend since we had a 3 day weekend. We had been talking about going to Fort Loudon; since it is near and FREE!
First we went into the visitor center and watched a little movie about the fort and saw some artifacts. When we were walking up to the fort the kids were way excited to find any "Indiants" (as Holly said). We didn't find any Indians, but we did find really cool canons and soldiers from Her Majesty's Army. First there was the doctor in the infirmary. He told us all sorts of gory information and showed us tools and herbs they used in the trade.

Then we met a few army soldiers that answered some of our questions and showed us how to load a rifle and then shot one for us. They also showed how to attach the bayonet part. Pretty cool to a 5 yr old and 32 yr old boy.

We saw the soldiers barracks, storage house, mess hall and kitchen as well as the Blacksmiths place. Don is showing the kids the sharpening stone.

Last we say the col. barracks and the house of a Cherokee. huge difference!

All in all it was a nice little day trip and it only cost us gas.
Josh was excited to draw his version of it. Not too bad.

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