Saturday, May 29, 2010

Garden - Week 3

My 'Roc Berry' I have 3 yeah!
Box #1 Check out my watermelons

Box #2 Corn is getting taller and lettuce is visible by camera this time!
Box #3 My cukes are getting taller and I really hope the Zinnia is a Zinnia. Look how great my sweet peas are a climbing! I tried to get a better shot of my beets.

Box #4 I was hoping that my camera would pick up my straggly green onions, but not yet. The onions look good though. If you look really hard next to the Bell Pepper sign to the right you can see a green plant starting. I planted that bell pepper from seed.

Box #5 Tomatoes looking about the same, but the stems are getting stronger.

Box #6 My dill is little but it's growing, and my potatoes are totally growing. I put these little chicken wire cages around them and put more dirt on them to see if they will grow more potatoes. This is my experiment.

Box #7 My Zucchini is trying to reach and climb, my broccoli is getting stronger, and my bush beans are getting darker!

Box #8 Corn- I'm a little worried the edge of the leaves are turning yellow. I hope they don't die!

Blueberries! Stay away birds.

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