Friday, May 28, 2010

A Fun First Week of SUMMER!

We had a GREAT first week of summer. We started school time, which both kids like, but I think that Holly is a little more excited about. I keep trying to make it different and fun. I also started chore time and I am really loving that. Josh emptied trashes, wiped down toilets and sinks (in between bathroom cleaning), and sorted clothes for me this week. Holly put the kids laundry away, helped making their bed (on sheet changing day) and straighten up. I could really get used to this. We also have been doing the Mommy and me time. They both love this. Holly is willing to share her time with Josh, if we are playing a game. We played Hullabaloo and Hide and go Seek. Josh usually gets his Mommy time while Holly is sleeping. We've made cookies, colored, played games and he seems to really like it, even if we are just quietly coloring. We've had some fun outings this week as well.
Monday: We went to the Roses' for dinner and Family Home Evening. The kids (and I) Loved it. They have a daughter Josh's age and a son Holly's age plus younger siblings and a huge backyard with a trampoline, does it get any better. My children did not want to leave, I had to drag Holly out, that was a bit embarrassing.
Tuesday: We went to the Splash Pad after I went walking with my friend Brenda. This was a fun surprise for my kids, it was hot and I brought along their suits.

Wednesday: There was play group in our old ward, so we crashed it. The kids had so much fun trying to play freeze tag (thank goodness for patient older children). More in another blog.
Thursday: We went to Dollywood! My friend had some passes that she got with her season pass and was nice enough to share with our family. This was a special treat. Also more in another blog.
So now we have a 3-day weekend. I think we might lay low and see what next week brings us.

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