Monday, May 24, 2010

Childrens Book Festival

So, yet again we had an outing this Saturday. In Knoxville they had their yearly Children's Book Festival. It was down town at the Worlds Fair Park. They had a ton of booths with art projects, different tents with musicians, and people reading stories. There were used books sales and a bounce house. The milk people were handing out milk, even chocolate milk (which mommy drank, but I made the kids drink regular). It was all next to this huge splash pad.

We all went together, it was hot and overcast. We ended up staying about an hour and half, and I could have stayed longer, but Don was ready to go. He was a good sport, but I think that next year it will just be the kids and I that attend.

The kids were happy. They came home with balloons, stickers, pencils, and other goodies. I love free events!!

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