Sunday, May 16, 2010

Daddy's Proud

We went to a special open house at Josh's school about reading. We (Don, Josh, Holly and I) went and got to go Josh's classroom. His teacher was in charge. Josh and Holly each got a book to take home. It was nice for Don and I to get to talk to Josh's teacher. She was going on and on about how wonderful Josh was and how she wished she had more students like him. What parent doesn't like to hear that? Then we got the best surprise. She asked if we wanted to see his latest score on the reading scale. He is at a "M" reading level. That is a beginning 4th grade reading level. Don was so proud. He went over to Josh and got the tour of the classroom. (I also scored on so material to do homework with Josh during the summer).

I had to leave to go teach a demo at church, but Don, Josh, and Holly got to stay for ice cream sandwiches. Josh told me a couple of days later, that daddy said he was really smart. When I asked him how did that make you feel, after thinking a few moments he said, "Really Happy! Daddy loves me."

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