Sunday, May 16, 2010

Look Mom!

I'm just so proud of my plants. If you didn't know this before, I love plants. I would love to have one of those gardens, no, I AM going to have one of those gardens where your yard has different garden rooms each unique and different. I have the idea tucked away, for after swing sets and kids running around in the backyard. For now I love my pots. I wanted to post these so my mom could see. Starting with picture one (top) I got a Gerber Daisy and my strawberries are doing great (Shortly after this was taken some animal came and enjoyed them). Picture number 2, I finally planted some coleus. I've always wanted to, there are so many different kinds with varying colors and shapes, they fascinate me. Picture 3, my "Roc Berry" or as mom and I call the stick actually has 3 berries this year. Picture 4, my begonia are loving this spot, I hope they make it through the summer. My petunias aren't doing bad either. So this is a porch sum up.

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