Friday, May 28, 2010

Park Play

We went to the park and my kids were introduced to freeze tag. (I just don't think of tag. I still play duck, duck goose and ring-a-round the rosy with them. My poor kids, I haven't even played baseball with them. How un-American is that?) Josh didn't get the whole freezing part. When he finally did, it took him to get the run away FAST part. Holly just wanted to be tagged and kept begging the big kids to tag her. I love this picture of Holly pushing her friend on the swing. Later on she was pushing a ten year old boy. He didn't need it, but he didn't mind either.

I love this picture of all the kids walking and balancing on the edge of the park. I am sad that it is blurry and the fact that Holly went behind the playground a moment before I shot it, but I thought that it was so cute that the youngest to the oldest were doing it. They were all in such concentration. The next picture of Holly and "thems is my ants". Towards the end of our park time all these little ants came out and were on the side walk. Holly took an interest in them and yelled at anyone that step on her ants and killed them. She sat there and watched them for a good 7 minutes. Towards the end the big kids were telling kids to "get off Holly's ants!". I love the big kids. (Thanks Pehrson's).

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