Friday, May 28, 2010

Dollywood anyone?

So we went to Dollywood. Tell me if you think this is crazy. 12 children and 5 moms. We were quite the parade of double strollers. The oldest two were 6 yr olds and down to a 8 week old. But we survived, at one point one of the moms said, "Can you imagine our husbands ever doing this?" I instantly flashed on the husbands in our spots, with baby borjorn strapped to their chests and pushing a double stroller with another kid holding on to the side of the stroller. I said, "I can't even imagine my husband just taking my two kids alone."
The first ride we rode was the Carousel ride. The kids thought this was pretty cool and no one was scared.

Next we rode the elephants, which was a bit more tricky, because the only child that was tall enough to ride by himself was Josh. So we had to take turns riding on with the kids. At this point something totally new happened to me. One of the kids picked me. I have never been the cool mom, and kids never really buddy up to me. I was so honored. Benson, you rock!

Next we paused to eat our packed lunches, hey we are frugal stay-at-home moms, what do you expect? We then journeyed over to the tea cups. Where the height wasn't too high and we could pack the cup with a lot more kids. Yeah! (I'm in one of those cups with three kids, they were awesome 3 year old spinners!)

So you might be thinking is she going to blog every step of the outing with every ride. Yep, because that was our last ride. Something happened that never happened in California with Great America, 6 Flags or Disneyland; they had to shut the rides down due to thunderstorms. If lighting is within 5 miles of the park they due it for safety reasons. Now I am not complaining, it is just another of one of those east coast things that I didn't know about. Well we thought okay, we will take the kids to the water part of the park. They were a bit disappointed, being the next in line to get onto the train rollercoster ride. But water solves everything. Unless you finally find the water part and that is closed down as well, for safety sake. Josh was getting a little fussy and complaining about there being no water. He didn't appreciate me tossing my water from my water bottle on him. Go figure! So what do you do when there is nothing to do and you have many disappointed children and only a few moms. Two words ICE CREAM! We went over to redeem coupons. I call this picture 'How many kids can you fit at one table?'

YUM! I would do it all again, lighting and all.


  1. I am so happy you guys all got to go and that nobody got lost or guys all rock.

  2. Benson does love you and he definitely thinks you rock!!!