Sunday, May 23, 2010

Garden Week 2

So here is me garden in week 2. There has been progress. Yeah. Box #1 my watermelon have come up.

Box #2 My corn is doing great and some of my lettuce has made an appearance, though it is hard to see in this picture, you'll have to word on it.
Box #3 My Sweet Peas are loving life. I put out these sticks and a red wire fence for them to climb and they are going to town. My cucumbers are just slightly taller and I put a red wire fence out for them as well. Some of my carrots have finally made an appearance and I am pretty sure that I have some zinnias. I hope they are not weeds. My beets are going strong, hopefully the soil will be loose enough for my beets and carrots.

Box #4 I finally saw (what I hope is not weeds) some bell peppers that I planted from seed pop up. Most of my onions are up and a few of my green onion are coming up, but they are so delicate you can't really see them here, yet.

Box #5 My tomatoes are doing fine. no big changes.

Box #6 A bunch of my honeydew (in the back) has come up. I put out a red wire fence for them to climb on. My potatoes have all poked threw. I am way excited. I noticed my Oregano, Basil and Dill have poked up as well though the dill is the only on that seems to be getting bigger. Hmmm.

Box#7 My Bush Beans are getting taller, my replanted Broccoli has come up and my replanted Zucchini has come up, and I also put out some stuff for them to climb as well. (we'll see if it works).

Box #8 My corn it is beautiful. My neighbor told me today that the squirrel like to steal it once it is done growing. How do you stop that from happening, besides getting a dog?

Oh and my cute little berry bushes. Closest to the garden(which is hard to tell is not part of the middle one) is a blueberry, next is a different type of blueberry (supposedly you have to have 2 different kinds for them to cross pollinate) and then we have a raspberry bush.

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