Sunday, May 16, 2010

Garden Week 1

I want to watch the progress of my garden so I plan to take pictures every one to two weeks. If you are not interested in this just look at the first picture, that's the over view. This is mainly for me, I mean not everyone wants to look at a bunch of pictures of someones veggie garden. I on the other day go out to my garden everyday and say "HI" to my plants ( Yes, I actually talk to the plants, they are a living thing, but not too loudly, I don't want the neighbors to think I am totally nuts!). I swear each plant grows tons over night. It is still early in the session, so I am way excited about everything, lets see how I do at the end of the session. Okay on with the tour.

This is Box 1, I planted it last you can barely, okay you can't really see anything, but it will grow just you wait!

This is Box 3, I'm not sure what happened to number 2 (it was also planted a week after everything so there was nothing to see). This box has the Cucumbers, doing very nicely. The Zinnias have decided to pop up a bit, no carrots, but the sweet peas and beets there are many.

This is box 4, it has bell peppers that I did from seed (that have not come up and I am thinking of getting more plants) and 3 bells that I bought. It also has my Onion sets and Green onions I did from seed.

This is box 5, my tomato and marigold box. I started all my tomatoes from seed indoors, I have had to replace a few of them with others I started. My neighbor who has had a garden for the last 15 years gave me the tomatoes in the 8 pack. He had some random tomatoes that came from last years plants and he gave me four. I was waiting to plant them when they got bigger. I am not sure why because they are already bigger than mine. Here is an extreme close up of my tomato plant.

This is box 6, there are only 8 boxes so we are almost there. It has Honeydew melon (from indoor seed) in the back, potatoes in the next row, banana peppers (started indoors) next and then spices in the front. Only my Basil and Oregano has made an appearance there.

Box 7, it has Bush beans I planted from seed out doors, Broccoli that I started indoors and transferred outside that are looking sad,(so I planted some more outside) and zucchini that I started inside and transplanted then died on me so I planted some more outside.

Box number 8, has Corn lots of corn. I didn't know that you only get 1 or 2 ears off of each plant. Now thinking back I wished that I had planted 1/2 now and 1/2 in 2 or 3 weeks. It would have lasted longer. Oh well, a note for next year.

Yes, I painted my little markers. It's just another way of making it mine!

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