Sunday, May 2, 2010

Inner battle

So all week long I had an inner battle with myself. We have been asked to go to the temple. I was assigned to go this last Saturday. Well, the temple is a 3 hour drive one way, and I was letting that stand in my way. Plus the fact that I was going to get to plant my garden on Saturday. I was trying to figure every which way of not going. I finally decided that 3 hours was not as far as many that save all year to go (thank you Ensign) and that I need to obedient. So I decided I would wake-up early and go to a 6 am session. Thus getting home earlier and still be able to plant my garden. Well, they don't have a 6 am session. So, I thought okay I will go Friday evening. I will run out the door as Don is coming in. I told Don my plan, he said he would do his best to get home. I got dinner going in a crock pot so it would be ready for my family. Showered and got all dressed. Got my temple bag ready, and thought make sure your recommend is in their. Then Heavenly Father said look at it, so I did. It expired last month.

I did feel good because I had made the right decision. The funny thing is I didn't even get to plant anything. We did running around town first and when we got done it was raining. Oh well at least I conquered the inner battle.

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