Sunday, January 17, 2010

Where are your boots and hat?

So when we got home today our little CO2 detector kept going off and telling us that there was carbon monoxide in the house. We were unsure what to do next. Don said that it could be picking up the oil burning off on our new systems, but it just boiled down to being safe instead of sorry. So I called the non-emergency line, then I called our cute grandma and grandpa neighbors (so they wouldn't freak out) and then I told our kids (so they wouldn't freak out). Because we told the kids the house wasn't on fire, they got to enjoy the whole thing. They counted the lights on the trucks and sang a song about a fire truck. They even quoted a kids book they have about firemen.
When the kids finally got a chance to talk to the firemen, Josh asked, "Where are your boots and hats?" I mean come on aren't they suppose to be in full uniform at ALL times. This little set back didn't rain on their parade. In the end the firemen agreed it was probably the new unit and it was better to be safe then sorry.

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