Sunday, January 24, 2010

Before and after

These are the pictures that made me think that I need to change my life style in regards to exercise and eating.
BEFORE: These first two

After : These second two.
I still am on my journey, but this is a good mile stone.


  1. Wow! I am impressed with your commitment and ability to stick with your resolutions. You look great. Cute hair cut too.

  2. You are inspiring me to get back on track. You do look wonderful, but I never knew you during that "before" phase.

  3. Wow! You look great! I hope to get in better shape soon. I feel so sick and tired all the time though. Doesn't make it easy.

  4. HOT MAMA!! Your smile says it all.
    Loved hearing about all your deals too (I love Southern Savers).
    See you at book club tomorrow (right?).

  5. Oh Stacey! I am so proud of you and your stick-to-it attitude. It has really paid off. I miss seeing you and talking to you. If I could just get well I would love to join you in the mornings. I really need to exercise. You look so happy!

  6. You look Wonderful! You are my hero!