Sunday, January 31, 2010

A poem

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A woman came to my home today
To watch everything I do and say.
She came in and said, " Have these floors been swept?",
And, "Is this the way your house is kept?".

She judged my house and noted things to be done
By the length of the list there must have been a ton.
Dishes, windows, fan blades to dust,
My refrigerator cleaned out and sterilized a must!

When she was done with the house, she turned on me,
With a magnifying glass she said, "Let me see."
"Your make-up is not done and your hair is a mess."
"Did you think of style, when you got up to dress?"

"Your arms are too flabby, your feet to big,
You slouch, your tummy sticks out like a pig?
You move too slow, you don't do enough!"
I must say her critiques were really quite rough.

She did not note the time I spent
With my little girl and how much it meant.
She did not care when I listened to my son
About the things at school that he had done.

She did not think that dinner time was nice,
She was too busy saying, "This is missing a spice."
She did not write down when I listened to a friend,
Or was quick to help a heart on the mend.

All that mattered was the things you could see
And if I measured up to the woman next to me.
The lives I would shape and touch did not matter,
The questions were superficial like, "Would you get any fatter?"

By the end of the day I felt really small,
And that really my life didn't matter at all.
Would you let somebody treat you that way?
"Of course not!", I hope is what you would say.

Then why are you that woman you let in your home,
To judge yourself with a fine tooth comb?
Remember do not criticise or beat yourself up,
If in your sink there sits a dirty cup.

Think of all the good that you do,
From listening and caring, to tying a shoe.
Make sure you give credit and realize,
You are the one that touches many lives.
By Me

* Just a little side note. I am not talking about my mother in law, that's what my husband thought when I read this to him. I was just thinking that as women sometimes we can be really hard on ourselves. I wanted to do some fun things for myself today, but I kept thinking "Oh, I can't leave these dishes, etc. ect. So I sat down and wrote this poem. All you women out there are amazing and I am including myself in that.

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  1. wow stacey this is really good. thank you. I like to stab at poetry too, but you are much better than me. :)