Sunday, January 24, 2010

My rewarding Saturday

This Saturday was a good one for me. I figured out how to make my homemade pancakes extra fluffy, thank you food channel (I am addicted). It's all about the egg whites and a kitchen aid, I love mine. I also made Julies buttermilk syrup it's dangerous! I can only make it every now and then or else I would never loose weight. The family all went bowling. I was for sure that Josh was going to beat us. He ended up with an 89, two spares! I barely won with 95, I even beat Don, who I guess was having an off day. With the kids it makes the game take a little longer so one is enough which helps the pocketbook. We went home, put the kids down and now it was my time.

I decided to reward myself for my weight lose by getting a hair cut. I am terrible about describing what I want to the hair dresser so this isn't exactly what I was going for but it will work. (It is really raining today, so my bangs aren't doing there thing any more it was working for church)

Then while I was at the mall I went and got my free monthly Godiva chocolate. I love deals! Sorry no picture, it's in my tummy.
Next I went to The Limited, because I had a coupon for $15 off of $15. I was so excited. It was a win-win situation. They didn't have anything that wasn't on sale that was 15 dollars, so I got a shirt that was marked down to $19. Now the other win is the store did get me sucked in, but I did have Christmas money. They had a 60% section where you could take an additional 60% off the clearance item. I ended up getting 2 more shirts. If I had gotten these items when they were brand new it would have cost me $108.50. If I had gotten them when they were mark down it would have been $36.88. I got them with a coupon on super clearance and it cost me $12.35. I love a good deal, and yes I do need new clothes that fit better.
Next I went to WalGreens in stock-up mode. I got this stuff for about$20 dollars, oh there is a candy bar missing, Don ate it. Here's the break down:
(2)Neosporin on sale 2 for $8
(2) Wet Ones on sale 2 for $4
(2) Neosporin coupons each $3 off
(2) Wet Ones coupons each .75 cents off
Total $5 and got $4 in Rapid Rewards (RR)
(4) Vicks NyQuil/Dayquil on sale $5 each
(2) Mars candy's on sale .39 cents ( had to can't have more items than coupons and RR count as coupons)
Also used $4 RR from first transaction
Total was $12.70 and got $10 in RR
(2) Children's Tylenol on sale 2 for $10
(1)Mars candy on sale .39 cents
Used $10 RR from transaction above
Total was 1.35 (that tax thing gets you) and got $3 in RR
(2) Kellogg's Raisin Bran on sale $1.99 each
(1) Mars candy on sale . 39cents
Used $3 RR from above and $1 off 2 Kellogg's coupon
Total was .72 cents
Total cost $77.30
Total I paid $20.38
Total saved $56.92
Did I need all that stuff, yep, minus the candy but I will stash it away and give it as surprises to my husband. Did it take along time at the store, nope. I met this really helpful cashier that showed me everything I was looking for. Did I have to keep getting in line, nope. That same cashier worked the beauty counter and even helped me figure out what order to put my coupons in, we had a great time laughing. I love deals! What does take time cutting and organizing my coupons, but as far as my game plan I just got to Southern Savers and go under Walgreen. They have it all figured out for me.
I then went on to Kroger to get my free stuff (again Southern Savers) and ended up buying pasta too, because it was on sale for .88 cents, but this post is long enough so I won't go into that.

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