Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sleepy girls

The other day Josh had a late afternoon drs appt. So thought pick him up from school and get Holly to sleep ASAP. Unfortunately, Holly didn't have the same game plan. She thought it would be better to sit in her room for an hour. Then she would come out like she had been asleep. When she cracked open her door after the hour, Josh said "Mommy that's Holly.". I just said loudly, "It can't be she hasn't taken her nap yet". Next thing your hear is the door closing slowly and Holly getting back on her bed. Well, the best that I can put together after that is she sat on her bed in the middle of all her stuffed animals and gave in to sleep.
Sad for her, mommy came in 20 minutes later and made her wake-up. It took a while she was in a deep sleep. The first picture was taken after I had been saying "Hoolllyyyy wake up" for five minutes finally I got louder, went and got my camera and got louder. The second picture is after tickling her feet. The third is after I said "Holly you have to get up now"!
She was not a happy camper. Lesson- Maybe mommies know what they're talking about! (from a mommy point of view). Lesson- Mommies make silly plans and then doesn't even let me sleep. (from a kids point of view)

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  1. That's so cute! I can't believe she'll still nap! (Lydia gave it up around her 2nd birthday.) Luckeee.