Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday Projects

Today we worked on a couple of projects. (WARNING THIS IS A LONG ENTRY. if you want to know the basic concept, just read the first sentence of every paragraph).
Don made my first two rotating can racks. I was going to make them out of cardboard, but Don didn't want the homeless feel. So these are out of pressed wood, which we probably won't use next time. Do thinks there ugly, but I love them! Each has four rows and each row holds 11 cans. I told him we only have four more sets to make.
The other project was unpacking the last two boxes. They just so happened to be my craft stuff. This picture doesn't do my desk justice. It does look soooo much better. I should have done a before and after picture. I also put together these wire racks. We are going to make a faux cabinet to kinda go over it. (I'll take pictures when we do it and then it will make sense). I love being organized I want to go to the container store some time. I am kinda sad, I didn't feel like I had enough storage bins and my labeler is out of label stuff. I will be really excited when we build the cabinet shell. I love closing doors to visual clutter. Okay, I am a little off the deep end.
It was a good Saturday.

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