Saturday, January 30, 2010

Let it snow

I guess this is the most snow Knoxville has seen in some time. It is the top story in all the news reports. We're suppose to 4-6 inches. Don and I thought yeah right, but when we woke-up this morning there was a ton of snow outside.
We had this great idea to go sledding in our backyard down our slope, using our trash can lids. Well, it didn't work the lids weren't smooth enough. Here Don is trying to get Josh started, and Josh wasn't so sure this was a good idea. After we gave up, we started throwing snowballs and Josh took one in the face. He was not a happy camper. Holly on the other hand loved it. She was laughing and throwing these little clumps of snow. Josh came back after I finished the first snowman and helped decorate it. I have to give it to the kids my hands felt awful, I was wearing knit gloves. Holly had the same kind on and Josh had none. They did finally give in and went back inside.
Don and I shoveled our walk and deiced it. It was our exercise of the day, unfortunately it is snowing again and the drive is covered again. This is serious stuff, so serious that church was canceled for tomorrow. All of those that are reading this from Utah and Idaho please don't laugh. This is a serious four inches.

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