Sunday, January 24, 2010

He didn't even know what happened.

On Thursday, Josh woke up and I told him we were going to the doctors and it was going to be special. (Yeah, I know I am such a liar) I told him he got to wear comfy clothes and was so lucky, because he was going to get to have apple juice for breakfast (my kids never get juice, I am too cheap!). Not only that, but they were going to give him a special drink at the doctors office. Woohoo! My plan was going well, until little miss Holly was like, "Hey Josh, where is your food? Mommy why doesn't Josh get food?" He was totally sucked into my happy-yeah-this is going to be the greatest attitude that he didn't notice there was no breakfast.

We dropped off the tattle teller at a friends and on to the doctors office. It was a children's center so it was cheery, with tons of toys and cool airplanes hanging from the ceiling. They brought him in the back and the nurse gave him a special bracelet to get his Popsicle at the end. He got his happy juice-life was good. (and he was funny. Pretending his hands were ducks and talking to each other than totally laughing. The whole BLAAHHH kinda laugh. He couldn't even say his own name) Life was good until after the tubes were put in and the anodes taken out.

Josh woke up in a darker room, an ivy mysteriously in his hand, and mom was no where to be found. He calmed down once I got there and rocked him and layed with him. He fell asleep. But I hope it is true what the nurse told me. She said the happy juice acts as a 3 hour temporary amnesia. That way I will still be a great mom that he can trust, and not an evil doer that tricks and lies to him. Ah-ha-ha-ha!

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