Thursday, January 28, 2010

It was bound to happen.

Okay, so today is weigh in day. After being on Weight Watchers for 20 weeks I finally had a gain instead of a lose. I gained 0.4 pound. That's the sad news. The good news was my reaction. I didn't want to say forget it, pass the chocolate cake! I actually wanted to know what I did wrong, and honestly I don't think I did anything terrible different. I have been exercising more, and I had a big lose last week. So, I am going to keep on tracking, exercising, and being proud of myself. I have come a long way and the journey isn't over yet.

I am setting new goals (since I finished my last ones). In February I want to loose 5 pounds and get heavier weights to lift. If anyone has any that they're not using and I could use until you're ready that would be awesome. Anything over 5 pounds. I also have a longer term goal of losing 40 pounds by the first week in April and to finish a 5K in April that they are doing at Josh's school. Just putting that out there. It always feels more solid when you tell someone and write it down.

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  1. I've got five pound and three pound weights I'm not using at the moment (not to mention the stationary bike, big ball thingy, and several DVDs). If you are in the area feel free to come pick them up :) I'm currently working on gaining weight. (Perhaps in August I will work on losing it again).