Monday, July 6, 2009

What does a mom do?

What does a mom do when she has a whole week to herself? Well, in my case, she makes three lists (I am all about making lists) things I want to do, things I should do, and church things I should do. Then I let guilt be a driving factor, I know pathetic, but it is just the way I am.

Grandpa and Grandma T came and took the kids to Mississippi. I cried as they left the kids were too busy watching a movie on our portable DVD player to care. I did get a couple of things done. I did throw away any toys I thought they wouldn't miss and reorganize their room. I didn't clean out the fridge. I did paint on a little ceramic house, I didn't do one lick of scrapbooking. I did go work in a garden, I didn't call those Sisters I wanted to visit. My mom was making fun of me, but all in all I got some things done and I was way relaxed ( apart from me calling the in-laws 4 times on Wednesday until I got to hear my babies voices).
I did get to go with my friends Jessie and Julie to the UT botanical garden. It was a lot smaller than what I had expected, but it was still beautiful. Sometimes I think I would like to go to school to learn about plants and how to be a landscape designer. I love watching things grow. Maybe it will be something to look for in the future.
So, I didn't do everything but I survived the week and I got a little tranquil beauty in as well as quite time. Now my kids are home and I love the noise!
What do you do when you have your free time?

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  1. Your week sounds so nice and relaxing. I think that I would make big plans and a big list but end up just sleeping in every day. :^)