Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Swim Lessons

There is a nice lady in our ward who is teaching swim lessons this week for free. She is Red Cross certified instructor. Unfortunately, she only has one week available, but something is better than nothing. I come in my bathing suit as well so I can get in with the kids. The good thing about her pool, is it is in a pavilion. So there are no bugs or leaves and debris blowing in or stinging you (or in my case sucking your blood. A mosquito got me on the bottom of my foot the other day, strange). But on the flip side there is this lovely roof so it gets no sun either, and it is refreshingly, briskly cold. Not impossible to get into, but COLD! I appreciate the teacher Pat Bryson for getting in it several times a day to do these swim lessons.

The first day we went Josh was so excited that he was very distracted and I don't think that he paid much attention. After we talked a bit about listening to the teacher and playing afterwards, he did much better. Here he is on the second day. Practicing floating on his back. He can now almost get his whole head in the water and blow out air out of his mouth. He is having a great time!

Holly has a different version of swim lessons. She is the watch and learn type. Her she is holding the handle to get in. She likes pools, but prefers the warmer ones. When she does get in she wants me to hold her the whole time. Which is fine. Her favorite part is when the playtime starts and she can wear the ducky floaty. All in due time, mom!

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