Monday, July 6, 2009

The Fourth, in Mississippi

We went to go pick-up the kids and spend the fourth with Don's parents in Mississippi. They live in the country and have a few acres. The kids loved running all around and they loved this rope swing that Grandpa T put up for them.

We were able go visit Don's Great-great-uncle J.C and Aunt Doris (pronounced Darice). They are a cute couple. Uncle J.C. gave me a bird house. He makes them out of cedar and old licence plates. When I asked him where he gets the plates, he said that's a secret, but he would tell what he told someone else when they asked. "Next time you go to Wal-Mart don't be surprised if you see me outside in the parking lot with a screwdriver". He is a hoot. Josh told him when he lite up a cigarette that it was bad for him. He said, "Probably, so".

(Top: Don, Doris, J.C, bottom Holland and Joshua)

When you live in the country you don't have to go to a fireworks show, it can be in your own front yard. I asked Don and his Dad to pick up some fireworks. They got a variety pack and the kids had a good time watching them. I think it was just as much fun as watching Don and his dad set them up, light them, and run out of the way. Thank goodness none of the trees caught fire. The were setting them off in a good clearing and had the hose and a bucket of water just in case, but not all of them went in the direction that they were suppose to. The neighbors had the big fireworks and we got to see those as well. Not to mention the lightning bugs or as my kids call them the Tinkerbell bugs.
(Me, Josh, Holly & Grandma T sitting on the swing watching
the fireworks, Norma doesn't like her picture taken)
We moved that swing 3 times to get
where we could see the fireworks.



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