Friday, July 31, 2009

The McDonald Magic

Don and I thought it would be fun to take the kids McDonalds for dinner the other night.
As I was sitting there watching my kids eat, I thought this isn't as cool as I used to think it was. When I was a kid my mom said my brother and I would share a Happy Meal and be full. Not my kids. I used to love McD's french fries. Now I just smell the oil they're cooked in. As we sit and ate I was thinking of these things and the fact that I could of made 3 meals for my family for the price of this one meal (with coupons for the kids) we ate that was not all that good for us. So my magic for the golden arches are gone. BUT.. my children were thrilled! From the place we sat to the chocolate milk and french fries, it was magical and special. They looked so happy, so I guess the magic has moved on to the next generation. (I took a picture of me, because I hardly ever end up in here).

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