Sunday, July 12, 2009

Since I was a girl...

When I was a little girl I used to go to Tu-tu and Pops (grandma & grandpa Beermans) house.
They had some long cabinets that they put all their canned goods in. I would slide a stool over and stand or kneel on it and rearrange the canned goods. I would put all the fruit together peaches with peaches and pineapple with pineapple. Then move on to vegetables and organized them, soups etc. Yes, I know a weird thing to entertain a small child, but I loved it. I used to think that I was a grocer.
Now, it makes me happy after I do our monthly shopping and I am able to replenish our food storage (our church feels it is important to be prepared spiritual, physical, financially. So part of that, is having food in case of natural of financial disasters. And no, we don't get kicked out if we don't have it, Uncle Terry:D) So this may look like a mess in my kids bedroom closet, but to me it is a little bit of happiness. Not only do I feel a bit more prepared, but I feel like a kid again as I orderly put things away. I know pathetic and a little compulsive, but that's a bit of me!


  1. Nice job finding a place for the important things.

  2. Nice, Stacey! But, I did notice that one of your cans of chili is slightly crooked. You better get right on that!