Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Summer Splash Cents

Today for Playgroup we went to the Splash Pad at Carl Cowan Park. It was the first time my kids had been there, it was GREAT! Josh and Holly first ran around the perimeter of the pad getting wetter and wetter and closer and closer to the middle. Once Holly was good and wet she saw her friend Zoe, by the moms. She came over said hi and grabbed her hand and led her out. They had a good time playing with each other for quite some time.

Now most of us think to do something fun with your kids you might have to fork out a little money. One of the brilliant moms brought old ice cream and yogurt containers. My kids used these in place of water guns (which I had left at home). They filled them up and dumped them on each other, the pavement and those around them ( not always a happy thing). But Josh and Holly didn't stop there. They decided to use them as hats. Then they turned them into seats and lastly they put them on their feet and started walking around with them as shoes. I wonder if they could be the next style of clogs or crocks. You know the world is always looking for some way to reuse things!

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  1. What a fun place! It looks like it puts our little Mankas park to shame. Is it close by? I laughed at your post about your "scheduled" days...do you still do 39 loads of laundry (or however many loads you accumulate in a week!) on Mondays? You're nuts--in a good way, of course!