Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Patience Puzzler

Another gift Josh got at his birthday was a box of 8 Disney puzzles. It said on the box that there were four 100 piece puzzles, two 300 piece and two 500 piece puzzles. It turned out that the 100's are actually 150 pieces. Okay long story short (to late). Josh loves puzzles. He can do the 150's, and yesterday he started the cars puzzle. I didn't realize it was the 300 piece one. He finished it today. I was so proud of his diligence and desire to do it. Holly is really good at the 35 pieces and can do the 150's if you do the edge for her, not bad for a five and almost three year old.
(Sorry the picture is out of focus, I was making dinner and I was trying to hurry).

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