Saturday, June 12, 2010

Something about me.

I have been teased recently, by different friends, for all my scheduling and planning. Yeah, it's summer, time to have fun, kick back, relax. But if you knew me you might think way to go, good job with that planning. I know things about myself. Like the fact that if I didn't have to be any where I wouldn't get dressed for the day until I had to leave (or before my husband was going to be home). Or if I didn't plan things for me and the kids I would turn on the tv. (My name is Stacey, and I am addicted to tv) and I would never turn it off. I would tell my kids to go play and no you can't watch tv. Some people would say, "Don't you have any self control?" to which I would have to answer, "On somethings no. But I do know my weakness" and this my friends is why I plan out my whole summer. There is also another reason. I want my kids to have fun. I want to go and do things and experience adventures together. So, I try to have one of those "experiences" everyday. If it doesn't work out oh well, but I tried. Maybe I won't always be like this, but it works for now.

If any of the teasers read this, I know you were teasing- no harm. I just felt the need to share.

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  1. Hi my name is Alice, and I am the teaser. I feel perfectly comfortable teasing people because I welcome them to dish it back.

    It is 4:00 and I am sitting here in my underwear reading your blog. I just got up from a 2 hour nap. My house isn't looking so hot today and the folded laundry has been sitting on my sewing table since Monday waiting to be put away.

    I don't have an affinity for T.V. and my kids usually get bored with it after a couple of movies, and by afternoon we explore ideas on what we would like to do with this lazy summer day.

    Once a week, I get really ambitious and take my kids to play group and on Monday's we go to the library. Besides that we go with the flow and try to underschedule in the summer to make up for the overscheduling during the school year.

    I need to teach my kids better responsibility. I probably need more scheduling in my life and even though I tease for fun but also really think that you could stand for some more flexibility, I think you are a great mom. Everyone needs to be comfortable in their own skin and that is what really matters.

    When both of your kids get in school and are scheduled to the second all school year, you may find yourself on some distant summer day undressed at 4:00 and you may even be totally fine with it.

    I love you Stacey. I am so happy you are my friend. And secretly I am jealous of the things you and your kids are experiencing this summer. We aren't too driven around here. Our only goal is to eat one box of otter pops per week.