Sunday, June 13, 2010

It's not where, it's who.

This Wednesday we got rained out of the park for play group. That's okay we are clever mommies. We just moved it to a Chick-fliet indoor play structure (and I didn't buy anything). Now this is not as cool as a park and WAY SMALLER! But there were fun kids to play with and that was all that matters. Josh adores our friends the Pehrson's they have 3 boys who are older, but very kind and Josh thinks that they are COOL. They also have a daughter Holly's age so it is perfect for us. Not to mention that Zoe was there. Me, I was just happy to have other mommies to talk to. I love Wednesday's I get to sleep in an hour later and I get to talk to adults, while my kids are entertained. Does it get any better?

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