Sunday, June 6, 2010

My garden - Week 4

Box 1
Well things keep looking bigger and bigger. My watermelon is doing better, but its soil always looks dry and this concerns me.

Box 2
Wow! My corn is growing sooo fast. I can't wait. My lettuce is actually look like lettuce.

Box 3
The Sweet Peas are starting to climb the outer fence as well and is almost bigger than my green bamboo sticks. My cucumbers are looking taller and started to attach to my red wire square. The beets are taller and I have 1 carrot.

Box 4
Peppers and onions about the same.

Box 5
My tomatoes pretty much are the same, just a few are looking bigger and I think it is time to cage them all.

Box 6
Look at my oregano (bottom right of the picture) Do you think we will be able to eat some by the end of the summer? The potatoes are totally happy and the honeydew decided to spread out a bit.

Box 7
My beans have flowers on them, yeah! My broc. may even flower, please don't let it me too hot and my zucchini seems good.

Box 8
Well they're not as brown, but I have definitely lost some. I know sad tale. They are growing slower, but the fight is not over yet.


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