Friday, June 25, 2010

My Garden - Week 6 Fruits of my labor

Yeah, a new batch of strawberries!

Box 1 The watermelon. They are trying to escape the cage, but I keep making them go in circles. There are only 4 plants in here.

Box 2 Our lettuce looks ready to eat and the corn has these little bud things starting to happen.

Box 3 I have sweet peas and cucumbers growing and ready to harvest. Wahoo.

Box 4 Same stuff with onions and bell peppers.

Box 5 My tomatoes are getting taller and little buds are showing and even my marigolds are doing wonderful.

Box 6 I have flowers on my honeydew.

Box 7 My zucchini has flowers and I have green beans to pick, my broccoli is still trying to decide if they want to grow.

Box 8 My last corn.

The fruits of my labor, a cucumber, green beans and one sweet peas.

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